Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lush collection

Most people i know are in love with Lush, and i have to agree with them all. I am totally part of that group. I love everything from their bath bombs to hair products to face masks. Unfortunately i don't get to indulge in bath bombs as much as i'd like, as i only have a shower at university. So when i come home i like to pick a few bath bombs and relax as much as possible. I have a few Lush products at the minute and i adore most of them.

Celestial Face Moisturiser

This product is amazing for sensitive skin, if you're feeling run down and you need a little TLC i totally recommend this. I can only wear it on a night because it is a little heavy but i have to say, it smells delightful, like vanilla ice cream.

Karma Bubble Bar

A bubble bar can be crumbled under the water or simply placed into it, the good thing about bubble bars is the fact that they can be used a few times. Karma smells so yummy, it's zesty and perfect for summer.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

I've nearly used all of this up, and that's because this product is simply amazing. The texture isn't great, it is what it says on the tin.. salty. It's a little rough in big doses but my skin does feel soft and smooth after. The scent is so fresh, it has a hint of the sea and lime.

Herbalism Face Wash

I use this when i'm in the shower and i don't want to use something too harsh on my skin. It's a strange green colour and it smells like rosemary, almonds and chocolate, even though it doesnt contain any chocolate. You take a little bit of the crumbly bits add some water and rub it into your hands, then on your face.

Sakura Bath Bomb

This is one of my all time favourite classic bath bombs. It smells fresh and has neutral colours. This bomb totally agrees with my sensitive skin and leaves me feeling amazing.

Mask of Magnaminty

This is the mask to help breakouts, it does work, slowly but it isn't amazing and i wouldn't rave on about it if someone asked me to recommend. Again, the colour is a dark green but this one smells like peppermint and vanilla. I love the feel when the mask is on because it's so smooth and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. 

Let me know what Lush products are your favourites and if you don't like Lush, let me know why in the comments below!


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Travel Tuesday: Barcelona

In May i realised i seriously needed a break from uni and from England. I was just about to submit my last piece of coursework and i figured i deserved a trip away. I was searching for places in Europe for me and my boyfriend to go and i found a holiday to Barcelona for a reasonable price. We only did a City Break holiday, 4 days and 3 nights. It was probably one of my all time favourite holidays and i've been on quite a few.

I adore sunsets, i think they are just beautiful. I love the different colours and they just instantly make me happy. I took this picture from my hotel room on the first night, how pretty. The beach was a 20 minute walk from our hotel and it was quite busy, it was a clear day so the beach looked beautiful.

We spent our next day by our roof top pool, this is the view. You could see Barcelona for miles and miles and everything looked so lovely. So many different buildings and parks. Even though we wasn't really close to the centre of Barcelona our hotel was amazing. It had recently been built and there were rooms which were still being furnished. The staff were all really helpful and lovely, our room was modern and comfortable. I just loved every part of it and i'd definitely stay in that hotel again.

On our last day we went to a place called La Rambla, its basically loads of little shops and restaurants with historic buildings all around. If you are ever in Barcelona and need a recommendation, go here. Seriously it is amazing, the architecture is brilliant and it is just packed full of people.

Basically we had a fab time and i'm so glad i got the opportunity to go. If you love to travel, Barcelona should be on your list.

Let me know if you've been to Barcelona and if you loved it as much as i did! If not let me know where you would love to go, i'm always adding to my travel list.


Monday, 27 July 2015

What's in my makeup bag?

I haven't done a beauty post yet, and what post would be better than a what's in my makeup bag? I've never had a big makeup collection and i don't usually keep it in a bag. But because i'm travelling around a lot i can't really set it up the way i like. I usually keep it in a draw with accessories and my brushes in a jar. Everything is also drugstore as i'd rather spend my money on multiple pieces of makeup rather than just one expensive thing.

Lets start with my makeup brushes, i never really used them until i went to university and started watching vloggers such as Tanya Burr and Zoe Sugg. They are so much better than using a sponge or your fingers for example. I just find that it is easier to blend and get the right amount on your face without it looking smudged. The Real Technique brushes are fab, they blend really well and each brush has it's own use. I also love the double sided H&M brush, it works fab and it's also very cheap. I use it on my eyebrows and for my eye shadow.

Real Technique, Sam & Nic Chapman- £9.99
Real Technique, Core Collection- £25.00
Superdrug Eyebrow Brush- £3.00
H&M, Double Sided- £5.00

I apply my foundation first and then contour then powder, unfortunately i don't actually have my contour/eye shadow/brow sculpture stuff with me because i came out quickly. But i can show you guys what foundation and powder i'm using that the minute. I love the Maybelline range, it has my favourite foundations but i fancied a change last time. The L'oreal foundation is good, it does the job it just takes a while to blend. I love the matte maker powder so much, it takes away an shine and makes your makeup look more set.

L'oreal Infallible 24H Wear- £6.99
Maybelline Matte Maker- £5.99
I don't have much of an eye collection because like i said earlier i've forgotten my HUGE eye pallet. But this is my liquid eye liner and mascara. There are so many different versions of liquid liner and mascaras that are all the range lately. I find it really hard to find a good liner which can last a while if i'm out all day and is jet black without using loads of liquid. I have to say, the is one of the best ones i have come across in the past 4 years. The Barry M Showgirl mascara is also really good. I have the shortest eyelashes ever and this mascara can still help them look full.

Rimmel, Glam Eyes- £6.99
Barry M, Showgirl- £7.99

My lipstick/liner collection is probably the biggest section in my makeup bag. I go through phases where i am completely addicted to getting new colours for each season. Lately i've been using nudes a lot more because they go with everything i wear. I only own one at the minute but this one is amazing and i haven't seen any more which have caught my eye. Two of my lipsticks are from the Kate Moss collection at Rimmel, these are my all time favourite lipsticks. The colours are just fab and the consistency is brilliant. They dry instantly and make any look brill. The Barry M lipstick colour is fab, its blood orange with a dash of pink and it's gorgeous. The consistency however isn't great, its gooey and doesn't really stick and i was really disappointed. But i've figured i can put the Kate Moss 03 nude on top and it makes a lovely colour.

Collection nude liner- £2.00
Rimmel red liner- £3.99
Rimmel, Kate Moss 03- £5.99
Seventeen, Hot Stuff- £4.99
Max Factor 710- £4.99
Barry M 151- £5.99
Rimmel, Kate Moss 107- £5.99

The last thing in my makeup bag is Ted Baker tweezers, i carry these in with me in there at all times because there's no doubt about it. Someone will ask me to pluck their eyebrows. They are the best pair of tweezers i have ever owned and you should pay that extra money to get a good pair. They are able to get the smallest of hairs and thats fab, plus they're pretty.

Ted Baker- £10.99

Thanks for reading guys, i hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any of these pieces and if you like them! Also recommend me some makeup you think i might like, i'm always looking to buy more things. 


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Home haul

I move into my house for my second year at uni in 3 weeks and i decided that because this time i get a double bed and we're actually in a house not halls, i would make my room more homely. I've been loving so many home things lately but i haven't managed to get everything i wanted BUT i wanted to share with you guys what i have bought lately.

The first things i bought was two sets of bedding. For people going to university who think you can just wash one set of bedding every week and you'll be ok.. no. Please just pay the extra £25 and get an extra set. It is totally worth it when you can't do your washing as often as you had hoped.

I saw this tartan bedding set and i knew i had to buy it. I love tartan, especially in winter. I just think the pattern makes a room more warm and cosy. I got a red sheet and extra red pillow cases to go with it so it actually matches well.

Matalan- £28

The second set of bedding i got has a gorgeous pattern on it. It's more light and it can brighten a room up. I think the pattern can go with anything i want to decorate my room with which i love.
I also got a light grey sheet and extra pillow cases to go with it.

Tesco- £20

I've said before in one of my posts how i am obsessed with candles. I can't tell you why, i just love the feel of the room i'm in when one is lit. Plus scented ones are heavenly. I picked up the one bellow first and decided it will go in my bathroom. It has such a clean and fresh smell i just thought it would be perfect for in there. I also realised Ikea is so cheap.. wow.

Ikea- 95p

I saw this candle first, then i looked round the rest and came back to it, it is that amazing. It smells gorgeous and i'll probably be putting it either next to my bed or on my desk. It smells like flowers and it reminds me of spring! The pale pink colour is gorgeous.

Ikea- £2

I am obsessed with trying to find things for my desk or around my room which will lighten it up and bring more life to it because my last room at uni was pretty dark. So when i found these i instantly fell in love, what is cuter than mini cacti? They are also available in purple and pink.

Ikea- £3

The last thing i bought was this storage box, it's available in another darker pattern and a plain black but i thought this went with my 'white' theme. I'll probably store toiletries in this box, such as moisturiser and shampoo/conditioner. It's so pretty.

Ikea- £3

Thanks for reading guys and i hope you enjoyed this post, let me know where you like to buy your home products!


Thursday, 23 July 2015

My 5 favourite films

I had planned todays post to be a 'Whats in my makeup bag post' but im in Liverpool so i don't have much time to take pictures, so i'm sorry to all the people i told and it will come soon i promise!

There are so many amazing films out there and it's definitely hard to choose which ones are your favourites. This post will be me recommending my all time faves.

Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts is fab no matter what she's in. Pretty Woman is one of my mums all time favourite films so it became a tradition to watch when we had a girly night in.

The Little Mermaid

Ariel is my favourite Disney princess and I'm currently wearing The Little Mermaid pjs! I just love everything about the film, I love the songs and I love the ridiculous love story.

Love Actually

Not only does it have SO many different amazing actors in it, it is also a christmas film. (One of the best) Love Actually never fails to make me laugh and I know the quotes off by heart. It's so hard to decide between this one and The Holiday, the only thing to make me decide was Hugh Grant.

50 First Dates

Drew Barymore and Adam Sandler are one of the best duo couples ever in my opinion. Whatever they are in together I just adore. The best part of the film is at the end when she wakes up and watches back their own love story. My heart can't take it!

The Breakfast Club

Classic. That's all I can say. If you say you like 80s films and you haven't seen this one, you're kidding yourself. They repeat the dance scene in so many films and I feel sorry for everyone that has no clue.

Thanks for reading guys and let me know what your favourite films are!


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

University Life

In September i'm going into my second year of university, this is the year that counts. I spent my first year settling into a new city two hours away from home, meeting new people, getting drunk and finally achieving a 2:1 (which doesn't even count towards my degree.) I thought i'd write a post which will help some of you who are about to go to uni, or some of you who just don't feel like you're settling in. I'll also be sharing some of the pictures i took from the past year with you guys!

Living with other people

I moved into a flat with 7 other people, boys and girls, and gosh was there drama. Every night something was happening, someone was being loud or someone was drunk. Every time you think of going to a university you know everyone will be drunk. Luckily i had different groups of friends to keep me grounded. I loved my flat and i'm so grateful that i got to meet some amazing people. I was living on my own for the first time ever and i have to say i loved it.
My one piece of advice i'd give to you for living with other people would be: Be involved, but remember to have time for yourself.

Making friends on your course

When i started my course i literally knew nobody. There were various groups on facebook where people were talking but i didn't really put myself out there. Were were put into groups for our lessons and that's where i met some fab girls. Ever since the first day we all instantly clicked and seemed to get on. Because we were such a big group of girls there were many occasions where the drama caught up with us. But being at uni and making friends is completely different than high school, you just get on with it. Everyone is grown up and mature, we all put our differences aside and made some amazing memories.
My one piece of advice i'd give to people would be: Help each other and don't leave anyone behind.

Keeping up with the work

I struggled to find the motivation to actually get the work done if i'm honest. Once i get into it i am completely fine and i will finish it then and there. But i made a habit of leaving things to the last minute. It caused a lot of stress in the last few months not for me but for everyone else i knew. You just need to remember that there are people out there who can and will help you. You aren't alone in your work load and you need to relax.
My one piece of advice i'd give to people would be: Don't rely on people too much, you got to university so use that brain of yours.

The best friendships

I have learnt that the friends you make at university will be the ones you have for life. People will still come and go but the ones you have at the end of year one, in my opinion are the ones who will stay with you always. I have friends that live all over the country and when we aren't all in Ormskirk it can be hard, but friends will always be there. From my big group of friends on my course i met four girls. They all live close to Uni so with me being hours away it can get hard when you're all used to making plans that day. They're fab girls and i wouldn't change them for the world. (Don't cry when you read this)

I've also made amazing friends with one of the girls from the flat, she lives close to me so we're able to have Chummy Tuesdays anytime. 

My one piece of advice i'd give to people would be: Make time for everyone.

New relationships

In the past my relationships have been.. lets say eventful. They haven't been great. I came to uni thinking i wouldn't be in a relationship for a while as i'd been on my own for nearly 2 years. It wasn't a priority basically. I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months now and it's fab, I'm not staying on this subject because i hate public affection, awkward.
My one piece of advice i'd give to people would be: Open up yourself to new people and love. 

Thanks for reading guys, i hope you enjoyed this ever so personal post. I'm glad i get to share all these special people with you. Comment and follow so maybe i can reassure others that university can be scary, but wow is it amazing.

Let me know what you enjoy most about university!


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Travel Tuesday: Thornton Dale

I've made a fab decision to dedicate Tuesdays to travel so, happy Travel Tuesday! This post is going to be full to the brim with photos, but who doesn't love beautiful images?

Today me and my mum decided to explore one of the gorgeous villages around where she lives, we found a place called Thornton Dale. I have decided that this is the place where i belong, and hopefully after you read this post you will totally understand why. Honestly, it is so beautiful. At Thornton Dale there's a cottage which is well known in Yorkshire for being on different chocolate boxes. This cottage is called The Thatched Cottage and wow, it is the most beautiful home i have ever seen. 

And it would obviously have a stream in front of it because, why wouldn't it?

It's also surrounded by other beautiful houses.

Plus the worlds cutest cafe in the history of cute cafes.

The gift shop also had an enormous candle and candle holder section. People who know me will tell you one thing about me.. i collect candles. I adore them, in my opinion candles can bring life to any dull room and if they smell delightful? Even better. You can probably picture my excited expression when i saw this. (And this is only a tiny image of the table) 

I'm also obsessed with floral patterns. Anything floral is bound to be beautiful, hence when i saw these items in the same shop as all the candles, it just assured me that Thornton Dale is perfect.

However my favourite part of the whole day had to be the beautiful flowers outside of The Thatched Cottage. One flower is beautiful to me, so the amount in front of the cottage was incredible.

Thornton Dale is in North Yorkshire, UK. So if you're close one day and need your fill of beautiful places and probably the nicest people on Earth, i highly recommend this place. It may not of been bright and sunny, but does it need to be if everything around you is so pretty? I've had my fill of happiness for a while, and i think it's time you got yours too! Thanks for reading and i hope you all enjoyed Travel Tuesday and the many, many images that came with it. 

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Dining out

Hey guys!

Ever since I started uni all I've done is eat out in restaurants/pubs and I've found some amazing places which are either well known or not. I thought I'd share some with you and maybe give y'all some ideas of where you could go next time you fancy a nice meal out.

Miller & Carter
STEAK. This is probably the most expensive place on my list, but wow is it worth it if you love steak. I only go here if i need a special treat or if for some reason, i'm rich that day. For the amount you're paying you do get an amazing meal so don't be afraid to pay that extra pound or two. 

Pizza Express
Don't be fooled by the name, Pizza Express also does salads and pasta which are also fab. I've known about how amazing it is there for years, but only recently have i rekindled my love with the place. If i'm in a town centre and i see Pizza Express next to 4 other restaurants i will choose this one. I love that you can have a normal pizza or the extra thin and big ones. I'm quite adventurous with my food and i love basically everything, so each time i will probably try something new. Another thing i love is their take out boxes, if you don't finish all of your food (which i never do if i get pizza) you can take it out and the boxes are in my opinion, gorgeous. I'm all for the stripes. 

Waga is a Japanese restaurant with a casual feel. Every time i go in there i see business people on their lunch breaks or even couples with small children. I absolutely adore this because it caters for everyone! The peach tea is gorgeous and the food is packed full of flavour. I'm a noodle lover so Waga is perfect for me.

Frankie & Bennys
Frankie & Bennys is one of my all time favourite places to eat. You can always count on it if you're not sure what you fancy. The first time i went to there my dad and step-mum told me i was going to have a little brother/sister, it's been a favourite ever since. One of the best parts of F&B is the cocktails. I'm a cocktail kinda gal and they have some of the best ones, like the milkshake inspired one below. (It's a 6 month old picture, hence the hair.. weird)

Barcelona cheesecake (the best cheesecake i've ever had)
Okay.. this isn't a restaurant but this cheesecake was too amazing not to mention on a food post. I went to Barcelona in May with my boyfriend and we ordered room service the first night we got there because we were too tired to go out anywhere. We adore cheesecake and this one was just.. magnificent. There is literally no other word to describe it. I will never find another like it.

Thanks for reading guys and i hope you'll go try out one of these places some time! Until tomorrow.


Quote of the week

Hey guys, happy Monday!

Every Monday i'll be posting a quote which has stood out to me and i hope will stand out to you guys too. This week i have chosen the one below.

I've chosen this quote because for some reason i felt connected with it and i'm sure many of you will feel the same. I spent around an hour searching for what felt like the perfect quote and i found myself coming back to this one. Everyone has a past and everyone has things which they won't like speaking about, to anyone. Until you find the perfect person.

I'm the kind of girl who will look at public displays of affection and cringe, i'll probably also complain to whoever i'm with about how disgusting it is. But realistically i can be a romantic.

The truth is, one day, if you're 14 or 70 i guarantee there is someone out there for you. Someone who will strangely have so much in common with you, it will scare you. Someone whose mind is exactly like yours, what makes them tick makes you tick. All of a sudden things will make sense and you won't be searching for someone any more.

Everyone loves it when their heart skips a beat because of someone else, or when they instantly smile because of a message or the mention of their name. But when you've been damaged so much you think you have 'demons' love seems so petty. Even hope seems petty, but i promise, one day when you're not looking, your 'demons' won't be there any more. If that's because you've managed to move on without someone or with someone, it doesn't matter. You're happy.. sane. Good for you.

I want to give hope to people who have ever felt alone, depressed, unworthy or full of anxiety. Even though most people are ashamed to admit it, everyone has felt like this at one time or another. I don't want people to feel alone in that, i know what it's like and it isn't nice.

Everything happens for a reason and one day your demons won't control you any more. Today will be a good day. Leave a comment with your opinions and as always, until later on!


Sunday, 19 July 2015

5 things i've loved this week

Hey guys!

Here's a few things i've been loving this week, i've decided to do this every Sunday because each week i'm trying new things.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel
This is one my first Clinique products, i also purchased an anti-blemish face wash and an anti-blemish gel at the same time. However the other two haven't been working as much as i had hoped. This moisturiser is the best one have ever owned, i was a big supporter of Simple at one time however i feel as if this is lighter than that. I instantly feel hydrated and fresh after i put this on, it dries instantly and leaves my face feeling smooth and clean. I highly recommend this Clinique product.

Granola with natural yoghurt and mango
I went to Starbucks whilst i was in London which i don't really get to do anymore, and i decided to get the granola with natural yoghurt, mango and passion fruit. At first i wasn't really sure about the texture but after a while i fell in love. Ever since coming back to Leeds i've been in love with granola, yoghurt and fruit. it's the perfect little snack or breakfast for summer. 

Teen Wolf
I am such a TV buff, i love every genre and i have seen most shows out there. Recently Teen Wolf Season 5 started and i have got to say, i am loving this season so far. After the death of one of the biggest characters in Season 3B it went slightly down hill. But the past few episodes it has been amazing. Action packed and darker than ever, the characters are all coming back to life and i find myself looking forward to each new episode straight after i've finished one. If you don't watch Teen Wolf or have never even heard of it, you'll enjoy it if you watch shows like Pretty Little Liars, Arrow or Once Upon A Time. It's clearly supernatural.

New Look of the shoulder top
I bought this off the shoulder top from New Look 2 weeks ago and i have fallen in love. I'm not comfortable with my body shape at the minute (i'm starting the gym when i'm back at uni) and this top just makes me feel so much better. New Look is my go-to shop, they have some amazing summer things to suite anyone. It is floaty and the different patterns allow me to wear a black skirt/black jeans and still not looked washed out. I'm totally into off the shoulder tops this summer and i think everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe! 

Five Guys burgers and fries
My boyfriend recently visited me whilst i'm at home in Leeds and we decided to try Five Guys burgers and fries after he saw a review on YouTube. This is by far the best fast food (if you can even call it that) place i have ever come across. Yes, the prices are slightly steep but the amount of food you get, the quality and the customer service from Five Guys, it's worth it. They have so many different drinks you can choose from, different flavours of Coca Cola like Orange and different flavours of Fanta like Peach. Honestly, it's fab. 

Thanks for reading my 5 favourite things of the week guys! Leave a comment as i'd love to hear your opinions on each thing. I'll see you all tomorrow.


Writing and the future

Hey guys!

A few months ago I started writing a book. I started out by typing it out on the computer and then physically writing it in a leather notebook. I managed to write the prologue and one chapter before I either got bored or distracted.

When I was younger all I wanted to be was a writer. Then I grew up and I finally got a good look at the world from a career point of view. Writing wasn't going to get me anywhere. Don't get it wrong, there are many, many people out there who have made an amazing life for themselves by writing. But you have to be exactly that.. amazing. To me it was a lot to risk, and I wasn't prepared to do that. 

It's one of my passions and I will never forget it, hence this blog. I have Tumblr but I dont use it for writing. I wanted a place I could come to and talk about things I care about or things I've done or things I like for example. 

Writers have such passion and soul, after reading a book I can instantly fall in love with it. And thats what the author wants, to inspire people and make them happy just for one moment. Maybe them moments can change someones day from being bad to being fab.

I plan on finishing the book I started to write.. when I'm just not sure. Maybe in a few weeks or maybe a few years. All I know is it is something I love, and I will find that one author or character or book and it will push me forward to finish it.