Thursday, 17 December 2015

6 New Years Eve Looks: Topshop

I woke up this morning and the first thing i did was check my emails. Now like every other girl i am subscribed to many different retail websites, including Topshop. I may not do a lot of shopping myself but i am into window shopping whenever i have some down time. The email was all about New Years Eve and about what people should be wearing. Of course the selection is full of glitter, velvet and fur. To me, Topshop can be a bit hit and miss but i was so happy when i found a few dresses that i absolutely adore. So i thought i would share with you all the types of things i'll be looking at wearing for my New Years Eve party!

1. Tinsel Wrap A-Line Dress.

This dress is basically my style down to a T. I'm not really into anything booby or too flattering, but i think this is perfect. The colour is gorgeous and i love the neckline.

2.  Embroidered Shift Dress.

My style can also be on the classic side sometimes. I love the detail on this dress, especially the arms i just think it's beautiful.

3. Glitter Plunge Tunic.

Now if you do want to show a little more skin and be more daring, i found this gorgeous glittery plunge dress which i love. It's simple but also really New Years Eve party worthy i think.

4. Geo Knit Dress.

The last dress i've chosen is a patterned dress. I chose this because i think it would be really flattering and i think it looks kind of classy in a way.

5. Linda Pinstud Velvet Platforms.

Ok.. so i may have a weird phobia of velvet and the touch may freak me out but how pretty and festive are these heels!! I don't think i'd buy them but i do love them. Maybe one of you guys would love to wear them and rock the velvet shoe.

6. Laila Glitter Star Velvet Platforms.

My last and final item i choose to share with you guys are these gorgeous and unique shoes. Again they are velvet so not for me, but the pattern is just beautiful and i do love them. You never know, maybe i will get over this fear and buy a pair!

I hope you're all feeling super festive now anyway!! Let me know in the comments bellow what your plans are for New Years Eve. Better get shopping!


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Life Update

Not only welcome back to you guys, welcome back to me too. I've been bad with my blog and i've only done one post so far in December, i feel like i've abandoned it and i hate that. So, to get back with it i've decided to share with you all why i've been so busy, what i've been up to and what i will be getting up to over the Christmas time!

The first thing i want to mention to you all, in case you haven't noticed, is my new header! I've picked a new font and selected a lovely festive bow. If any of you are looking to make a new header email or tweet me and i'd love to help!

I have two deadlines coming up in January, one of them i've nearly finished but the other i haven't started yet. I know i keep saying this but Year 2 is so hard. You all need to prepare for this if you're at university. A few of us are struggling more than ever right now, being so far from home, having work to do, going to university and actually working part time. There's hardly any time to breath, so my spare time is spent sleeping. And i even feel guilty for sleeping because i should be finishing off my reports but never mind.. i'll finish another day.

Work's keeping me on my toes, i'm in four days a week now and i'm constantly exhausted but that's the way working is. Welcome to the adult world my family keep telling me. I know it's worth it when the money comes in but i currently have nothing until next week.

In a week it's my one year anniversary, which is amazing for me. I'm not a very trusting person but this year has taught me so much and i've never been happier than where we've come. Three days after that it's my 20th birthday, which i'll be spending at university and i'll be travelling home the next day to spend christmas with my family. I've always felt like i'm older than i actually am, an old soul some people would say. I can't wait to actually be an age i feel. I'll be coming back on New Years Eve to have a big party with some of my favourite people which i'm excited about.

Another major update for me is that i've started writing a new book. I came up with a completely new idea the other day and it's just inspired me to continue writing in any free time i have, because i do enjoy it when i have the motivation. I'll keep you up to date with how this goes along!

Thanks for reading and i hope you're all in the festive spirit!


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Not Shabby Very Chic Christmas Treatbox

Last month i purchased the November Treatbox from Not Shabby Very Chic for the amazing price of £12.95. I wrote a small review which you can also read here and find out about all the cute things i got last month. If you are not familiar with Not Shabby Very Chic you can check out their website here, browse among all the beautifulness and become as obsessed with the store as i am. I was one of the lucky bloggers chosen to review this months and i must say, i am very impressed! It is clear that a lot off effort, thought and time goes into these boxes which i love. I took a lovely festive picture which you guys can see below of what i first saw when i opened my Christmas box. I am actually in love with the print that came with this one, the quote is one of my favourites from Elf and it's a really good size for a frame or to stick on your wall.

Each month the treatbox comes with a little letter telling you all about Not Shabby Very Chic, it also thanks you for buying the box which is personal and cute. Last month i didn't receive one of these but this months came with a little card about the details and how to get in touch with them. 

This little bag (which i love) holds something secretive in. I would definitely reuse this little pound for my hair accessories, i love the design and the font. Everything about this cute gift is perfect. 

I think this is probably my favourite item in this festive box. I can hang it anywhere, (my wardrobe handles) and it will bring life, colour and a little bit of christmas into my pretty much bland bedroom. It's by a company called Sass & Belle, head over to there website and i'm sure there are more cute things to see!

Along with all this cute stuff came these two little guys. The one on the left is probably my least favourite item because i don't collect these little things. However i have found a home for him, next to my mini groot pop vinyl. The santa will be handing with the quote which i love, it could also easily hang on a Christmas tree but i haven't got mine up yet (sad face.)

Before we carry on looking at all the amazing things inside this months box i wanted to take some time to appreciate the packaging. As soon as i opened this box i became all excited for Christmas and it gave me that extra little festive feeling. But then i saw the cutest little foiletti pieces, santa, snow flakes, stars, snow and candy canes in all it's tiny gorgeous form. I appreciate the little things the most you see.

What is a treatbox without some chocolate or sweeties? In this months case we have both! I haven't had a candy cane yet, so this will be my first and i'm really looking forward to it. My second favourite piece from this box is the festive straws with a little sign on that says Be Merry! which melts my heart. Every time i have a drink, i have a straw, so this is a perfect gift for me! (Look at that red ribbon, eee.)

I received these stickers in the box, which means i don't have to cellotape my presents and instead they can have a quirky little saying to brighten their Christmas day a little bit more. 

My last and final image is the one below. I have to say, i'm in love. It deserves to be extra big for the heart felt message on the bottom. I am into all these cute things, i believe in karma and that everything happens for a reason. So this bracelet will mean a lot to me. 

Overall i thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this box for you all. I think you should go check out there website and maybe sign up for this box, even if it's just the odd month! Leave your opinions on each piece and tell me which was your favourite.