Saturday, 9 July 2016

Life Update #3

It's been a while. 5 months to be exact, 5 months since I've written a post and felt comfortable doing so. It's been 5 months of ups and downs, happy times and awful times. It's exactly a year since i first set up this blog, and it feels so good to be back. There isn't a specific reason i stopped writing, i just didn't feel the passion for it anymore and I didn't have the time to find it. But i have found that passion again, and i also have the time to sit down and talk about some of the things care about. I thought my first post (because its been so long) should just be about general things, what's been going on and what's to come. 

First of all, I've finally finished my second year of University. For those of you who don't know, i study Web Design and Development and it's probably been my hardest academic and personal year so far. I suffered in silence because i was the only girl in my class, which in the end basically convinced me not to turn up to classes and to struggle with the work load alone. Even though this year was tough, i am so happy i got through it and so happy to be going onto my final year in September and hopefully coming out of all of this with a degree. If i had any advice for people struggling at uni, which I've come to understand, pretty much everyone is, it would be- don't suffer alone, you're making things 10x worse for yourself and you CAN do this! 

I recently got a new part time job, it's nothing brilliant or exciting, but it's better and more welcoming than where i was. I got to the point in my old job where i hated everyone, i hated the sight of the store and i hated my whole day if i was working. It just wasn't where i was meant to be. 

But my biggest news yet is that I've recently moved in with my boyfriend! Our new home is small and perfect, in a new little area with a new beginning. So far we are loving everything about it, apart from forking out all the money to pay for rent,  the bond and furniture of course. But it's perfect so far, there have been no arguments and I'm actually looking forward to coming home every day which makes me so happy. Next week i will be posting an apartment tour, giving you insight to everything in my life! 

I'm so happy to be back, and if i ever disappear again feel free to shout at me. I hope you're all great and i want to hear what's new in your life too in the comments bellow! 

Danielle x