Monday, 30 November 2015

Christmas Preparation

Guess what.. i finally started my christmas shopping! Pay day was luckily on black friday, which meant i got a lot of my things for a good price and i'm super happy about everything i got. I still have a few things to buy but i'm feeling organised and excited. I'm also taking more pride in the presents i've chosen and the wrapping this year for some reason, everything is extra pretty this year! 

In celebration of my happiness and organisation, i wanted to share with you some things i will either be doing in the next few weeks or things i hope to do in the next few weeks (because i have about just enough time to myself to breath right now.)

I made this image extra big because it's festive and full of beautifulness.

The main thing i want to do in the next few weeks is make more time for blogging. I love christmas, it's my favourite time of year and i want to take some time to put some care into festive posts. I have a few coming up all about the collaborations i've been working on for the past few months which will be exciting. Each box will be festive themes, so colours and happiness will fill your screens soon. 

I'd love to do some baking. I count it as one of my hobbies but honestly, the only time i really do any is when i'm home in Leeds because i have a lot of spare time there. I love the idea of salted caramel cupcakes, gingerbread men and something full of marshmallows! 

Decorating the Christmas tree and our little house will be so much fun. Tomorrow is the 1st of December (first punch of the month guys) and it means we are officially aloud to decorate things. We're in a new house and it just seems so much more exciting even though we won't be spending the actually day here. Who doesn't love decorating a tree full of tinsel and all things sparkley?

I want to take trips into Liverpool soon and do some more Christmas shopping. I love shopping in the dark, which is hard to avoid now because it's pitch black by 4pm now. But when the city is full of sparley lights and people are buzzing around me it's hard not to feel the excitement. Another thing i'm looking forward to is my works Christmas night out. I'm sure it won't be anything special but i'm excited to get to now people outside of work and in a relaxed environment. 

Another thing i wanted to share with you all is a picture i took of my first wrapped present.. you know when i said i'm taking my wrapping with lots of care this year? I clearly meant it. I shared this picture with my friends and family on Facebook and i think they were all excited to be getting their gifts this year.

Let me know what you are excited about this Christmas and what your favourite parts about this season are in the comments bellow. Thanks for reading my loves!


Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas Party Look

Guys.. this is my first Christmas post. How exciting!! I've been filling my spare time with tutorials from my favourite YouTubers Christmas looks. So i decided to do my own version on this and have some fun whilst i do it. So i'm going to share the look with you all, and tell you what products i used when i created this look!!

Mac- Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC20.
Mac- Studio Fix concealer in NW15.
N07- Instant Radiance Highlighter.

W7- In The Buff eye shadow palette.
W7- Lightly Toasted eye shadow palette.
Bobbi Brown- Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick in 24 Karat.
Rimmel- Glam Eye's liquid liner.
Maybelline- Lash Sensational mascara.

Rimmel- Exaggerate lip liner in 024 Red Diva.
Barry M- Hot Stuff lipstick.

Tanya Burr- Perfect Brows.
L'oreal- Brow Artist.

That's it! I hope you liked this post, i've never done this kind of make up post so i hope you all enjoyed it.

Until next time my loves!

Love, Danielle

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Favourite Bakes & A Giveaway

Welcome back to my blog guys! As i have mentioned before i am getting more and more involved with companies and i am loving it. They have been so kind to me and made me feel involved and super happy. I finally have that chance to share one of them with you, with the giveaway bellow. But first i wanted to share my favourite bakes with you. This will be my first baking post, but i love baking. It's something that i enjoy and it relaxes me. I always feel like i have accomplished something after i have finished it and it's out of the oven.

Apple Pie.
I adore making this, it's one of my favourite deserts and it reminds me of sunday lunch at my nans. 

I would always choose this when i'm out for dinner, it's simple to make and delicious. 

To me, cupcakes are adorable! 

Chocolate cake.
Everyone loves a piece of chocolate cake to go with a cup of tea. 

Cookies are something easy to bake, anything can go in a cookie and i just love the simplicity. 

Apple, rhubarb any thing. I prefer this over pie because of the texture i think.

Mini chocolate cake, what's better than that?

Now onto the giveaway! I am collabing with a company called Pixics, who specialise in Geek Chic! Find out all the information about the product here! Enter below and good luck.

Teacupcake Giveaway

Until next time my loves.


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My 10 Goals For 2016

Christmas is finally upon us and we're all very excited about that. Well.. i know i am. With Christmas songs surrounding me at work, i come home and watch festive films and get snug whilst the weather is terrible. It's hard not to be in the festive spirit right now. But as soon as Christmas is over, the new year will be here and we will be in 2016. I will be half way through my second year at university and half way into the adult life that i will have to live when i have finished. So i decided to share with you all what some of my goals for next year will be, it will probably be one of the most busy years i have had but it will also be full of exciting new things and opportunities.

  1. Do a year or summer placement with a Web Design company. Lately i have been applying for these placements, and so far i have had no luck. I'm not willing to relocate back to my home city, and the choices here are limited. But i'm sure i will find somewhere eventually!
  2. Travel more. This year due to money issues and time, i've only been on one trip, Barcelona. It was amazing and i was extremely lucky to go there, but i want to travel so much in the next few years and i was disappointed i didn't fulfil that.
  3. Visit home more. I'm 2 hours away from Leeds and i miss my family and they miss me. I want to travel back home and make sure they know that they are all important to me. 
  4. Pick up extra curricular activities. I want to learn something new, a new language or sport and code would be handy.
  5. Get involved with more companies for my blog. I'm becoming more involved in more companies which i love, (you will see some of these in the next few months) but i would love to be involved with more.
  6. Join a gym and be healthy. I think it's time i should work out a bit more. 
  7. Make new friends. My second year at uni has been very limited, i'm bombarded with work and uni and there isn't much time for socialising. But that's something i would like to do next year. You can never have too many friends,
  8. Meet people from the blogging community. I haven't spoken to many people in the community although everyone seems nice, i'd love to do meet ups and go to events. 
  9. Pick up photography. It's something i loved at school and would love to do again.
  10. Watch lots of new things. Yes i already do this.. weekly but i will continue to watch new shows and fall in love with them all.
I'd love to know any of your goals for 2016! Comment below & until next time my loves.


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Travel Tuesday: Austria

Travel Tuesday is back guys! I know it's no excuse but i took time away because it restricted me too much and i wasn't putting as much passion into the posts as i wanted to. But for now, it's back which will be good news to all my travelling pals. This post is going to be all about my time in Austria. 

When i was in Year 10 (15 years old, nearly 5 years ago, when i was a crazy teen.. oh how times have changed) i got the amazing opportunity to travel to Austria with a bunch of my fellow class mates and go skiing. It cost my family what i think was a fortune for them to pay, £1000. It's safe to say that was my birthday and christmas present that year. 

We travelled by coach and it took 28 hours in total, each way. The journey there wasn't too bad, we were hoped up on sugar and excited for the following week. But the journey back was horrific. The night before i had slipped out of the cubical shower and bashed my back on the corner, which meant i had an aggressive bruise all the way up my hip and back. I had around 30 minutes sleep during that journey, and after an exhausting week it was just awful. 

The skiing part however was amazing. The setting was beautiful and the people were so lovely. I had never skied before so i was on the beginner slope at first, we then worked our way up to the hardest ones. Face planting down the cliffs became my art, i'm not the most graceful of people on a regular day so put me in some ski boots and you're in for a clumsy treat. 

Not only did we have a week of skiing, but a week of other fun (cold) activities. We travelled round different areas and made the most of our week there. By the middle of the week i took a day off, because my knees couldn't take the pressure and i just wanted to sit in my favourite spot at the bottom of the mountain and have a hot chocolate. The picture below is our whole group at an ice hockey match.

We stayed in a residential place where another school was also staying. On a night we played hide and seek because it was a huge place, there were floors in the hotel which were abandoned and i swear they were haunted. That place was creepy as hell.

All in all it was an amazing experience and if you have the opportunity i would tell you to go and do it. If not for the sport for the beautiful places and views. Let me know if you have been skiing before and what your experiences were like!

Thanks for reading, until next time my loves.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Second Year Struggles

My first year at university was a breeze. I had loads of friends on my course, the work was pretty easy and life was just simple. Then i moved into my own house with a few people, moved of campus, into a new class with no one i know and things began to change. Not only do i know absolutely no one, but i'm the only girl in a class with boys. They are all amazing, and they know what they are doing. If i get stuck with work it's kind of hard, i can ask my teachers but it's hard when you want to bombard them with email after email.

All my friends are in their second year now too, and it's safe to say i'm not the only one struggling this year. The work is so much harder than last year and the work pile is crazy. Not only do most of us have at least two assignments a week, but we have to work on top of that to afford simple things like food and living. Therefore it leaves not enough time to fully commit to university.

Because i'm struggling so much to be motivated to complete my work, uni has taken a step back in my life, which is something i hoped would never happen. I keep telling myself that it will all be fine and i will get over this phase soon enough (and i'm sure i will) it's just a matter of time. It's important to keep powering through when the times are hard and you basically have no time to breath.

Something which is important to remember is that it will all be worth it in the end. The amount of work you have to do might suck, but it's worth it when you have that degree at the end of it all. The sweat, blood and tears will be over soon and that's something i'm looking forward to.

The whole point of this post is to let all the students out there know that they aren't alone in the thoughts of quitting. I've noticed lately that so many people are saying the want to quit. But the truth is they won't, it's just one of them things. You have to pick yourself up and get on with it like an adult would. Because that's what i am now isn't it? An adult? 

It's okay to have a horrible day, where you eat nothing but ice cream and stay in bed. Everyone needs a breath of fresh air and a day to themselves. Don't be ashamed to not be on top of everything all the time. Take some time for yourself and be refreshed.

If any of you are struggling and can't handle the pressure, i'm here. Leave a message and i will try my hardest to reply with something witty and helpful. What struggles have you come across this semester? Maybe we can all help each other.

Sorry for the rant, but until next time my loves.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

October Favourites

This is officially my first favourites post and it's safe to say i'm super excited about it. October has been a very hectic and stressful month. But obviously that hasn't stopped me from trying lots of lovely new things.

Starting with makeup. I bought my first ever MAC product in October, a foundation. I'm honestly in love with it, it's worth the money and to be honest not that expensive for the quality. It leaves my face feeling sleek and smooth. My favourite mascara is the Maybelline Lash Sensational, everyone raves about it and it's worth listening. My lashes are now fuller and so much more nicer.

My next favourites are two different shower gels which i've picked up lately. The first one is Snow Fairy by Lush because it's a classic and i pick it up every year. I love the scent of bubblegum when i need something lovely and kind of home like? If that makes any sort of sense. The second is Radox with pink grapefruit and basil. This is perfect for a quick shower and it always leaves me feeling clean and refreshed.

Another thing i've been loving is this nail varnish, i've had it for about a year now and i haven't loved it as much as i do right now. The berry tone is just perfect for my Autumnal feel.

I bought this from Home Bargain for the cheap price of £3.99 and i adore it. It's currently flowerless because i haven't had a chance to pick any up yet, but it just looks super cute in my room full off bright colourful flowers.

My last favourites are things i know a lot about.. TV. I have two favourites which i have been loving lately.. The Vampire Diaries and Sons Of Anarchy. I'm not that far into Sons Of Anarchy but i'm already addicted and i can't wait to see where it's going. I've been a lover of TVD for a while now but the new season has just started and i'm back into the spirit of magic.

Let me know what you have been loving lately and maybe i will try some of them! Until next time.


Monday, 2 November 2015

Not Shabby Very Chic November Treatbox

I'm a sucker for all things cute and homeware, so when it comes to Not Shabby Very Chic i am obsessed. I enter all their competitions and always keep updated on their new bits and pieces. So when i heard about their treatbox i was so excited. This isn't going to be a full review, because i'm hoping to be one of the review bloggers for their November box!! (Fingers crossed.)

This is the first thing i saw when i opened my box. I instantly knew i was going to love whatever was inside, i thought it would be cute on my wall with some of my favourite pictures. But i also thought it would look lovely in a frame on a desk or something. The cute light pink bow is wrapped around the package and it's wrapped in black tissue paper so i felt a kind of theme going on with the colours.

When i opened the tissue paper i was greeted by two copies of this lovely letter from Not Shabby Very Chic, such a nice touch. 

Inside was a A5 notebook from a company called Chevron, which i've never heard off. Like homeware i love stationary so this notebook was perfect for me. I love the design and i will probably check it the company out. It's perfect for carrying around in my handbag because i make random lists wherever i am.

This star is one of two (one i ate) lovely sweeties. The cute little note reminded me off Alice In Wonderland and the glitter clips are just fab. A maltesers hot chocolate sachet came in the box too, which happens to be my favourite hot chocolate.

My two favourite things in the box was this little compact mirror with the best quote on, and this candle wax. I don't actually have something i can melt it on, but i guess this is the excuse i needed to buy one!

This little hand warmer is perfect for winter, it's not too small and will perfectly in my coat!

The cutest item in the treatbox was these little notelet envelopes. What's better than getting a lovely message when you're feeling down? Nothing.

I hope you all enjoyed learning about Not Shabby Very Chic, i highly recommend them. What subscription boxes do you guys have??