Saturday, 29 August 2015

Designing Headers

Hey guys! So a few weeks ago i designed my own header and even though it isn't anything special i love it. I managed to find a new font i love and a floral design to make it come to life. My blog is pretty simple, the background is white so the only image you see is the flowers. 

After i made my own header i decided that i would love to make more. I'm studying a Web Design course at university so i guess making stuff and being a little creative is part of my DNA now. After around a month and a half of trying to convince my two house mates Chloe and Holly to get a blog (because i knew they would love it and be amazing at it), they asked me to design theirs too. All it took was a little more research into a font they each liked and if they would like a pretty image to go with it. 

They are both just starting out but seem to enjoy it. Chloe's blog is below, she writes about lifestyle and her own life. She also puts a little piece of her cute soul into each post.

 Chloe Sapstead

Holly's blog is below, she is one of the best nail artists i know and she's sharing her nail knowledge with you guys, how lucky are you all?

 Holly Davies

I designed the header below for one of my friends from home, who i spent two lovely years with at college. She loves cacti so obviously, mini cacti were needed. However she is just designing her blog and i don't have a link to it yet, but when i do i will make sure to send you guys her link!

You are all more than welcome to take a look at their blogs and give them some moral support as they're newbies. If you're interested in a free and unique header for your blog, leave a comment and i'd be more than happy to create one for you.


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Chummy Challenge: Who's Who

Happy Thursday everybody. I know most of you will dread Thursdays because it is the day before Friday and everyone loves Friday because, alcohol is acceptable then. But i've actually had a fabulous Thursday because i was able to spend it with two of my best friends and enjoy some amazing food at Almost Famous. I'll be telling you more about that in a post next week. 

Today's post is all about my Chummy Challenge with one of my all time favourite people Chloe. We had the lovely Holly ask us different questions and we had to answer which of us we thought it was. We had so much fun filming this and we learnt new things about each other.

This is not only my first ever video but it's Chloe's too. It's not too long so hopefully you'll all be able to take around 3 minutes out of your day to watch this and maybe learn some new things about me. Unfortunately the file is too big to put on this post but i will link it to YouTube. Watch our Chummy Challenge below!

Leave a comment with what you did today.


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Travel Tuesday, A Future Holiday: New Orleans

I'm taking a break from talking about one of my previous holidays on Travel Tuesday, and talking about somewhere i would love to go in the future. New Orleans.

I watch a lot of different TV shows, i am basically the queen of knowing a show and New Orleans is where most of them are set there, for example The Originals and a season of American Horror Story. That's what started my obsession with the place. What attracts me the most is the atmosphere. The local people seem so nice and welcoming, they know loads about the culture and are happy to share it with everyone.

There is so much history in that place. So much has happened and there are many stories to tell. I just think i would love the place, the people and what it can tell you. The architecture is just beautiful, i love the way some buildings are different colours, it brings life to the city. I also love the balconies on pretty much every building, they remind me of Italy.

I love America but so far i've only been to New York. If i was to pick a place there and go tomorrow i would pick New Orleans just for the historical factor, i feel like i have so many unanswered questions about everything New Orleans stands for.

Let me know the places you would love to visit in the future!


Monday, 24 August 2015

One Way To Save A Life

So i'm writing this post from the comfort of my bed whilst listening to Kings Of Leon after what feels like one of the longest days of my life. I didn't get much sleep last night and i started my new job this afternoon. I wonder what impression i gave going into work with huge bags under my eyes, but we've all done it if we're honest with ourselves.

Work was good, i didn't hate it and i'm not dreading going back which is all that matters. The people seem nice and its just a standard job really (it will pay the bills). Nothing interesting happened and i doubt it will whilst i'm there. I'm quite happy with it, it seems perfect at the minute and for when i go back to university.

After i rushed home to meet Chloe my house mate, we went to give blood. It was my third time and i always feel better about myself and as if i've accomplished something with my day. The second time i did it i fainted because i hadn't drank or eaten enough during the day. So if you're thinking about doing this amazing thing, remember to look after yourself. My blood type is B- and it's one of the reasons i want to give blood. I'm only 2% of the population so i constantly receive letters and text messages asking me to book appointments and i finally plucked up the courage after i fainted.

I honestly think it is an amazing thing to do, if you're like me and don't volunteer anywhere or give money to any charities, this could be your way of giving back to people who aren't as lucky as you. I think to my self every day, i could of saved a life. And i think that is crazy.

I know this isn't one of my usual posts but i'm mentally and physically exhausted. All i really want to do right now is curl up in bed and dive into my book. I hope you've all had a wonderful day, and i urge you to think about donating blood. You could help somebody.


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Activities To Cure Bordem

Since moving into my new house all i have done is either be bored or apply for jobs. Yesterday i finally become a part time employee of Card Factory, yay! So now i hopefully won't be as bored because i have this new job and i'll be starting university again soon. Me and my house mates have become the masters of curing bordem so i thought i would give you guys some tips so your summer doesn't drag.
  1. Read a new book. Me and two of my house mates recently became members of the library which is up the road, i love the fact that i can go in and choose up to 20 books and walk out with them for free. There's nothing better than falling in love with another world and new characters to take the time away.
  2. Go to the beach. If you live close to one that is. What's better than it being a hot day, looking at the ocean and having an ice cream. Or even it being a cold day, wrapping up and having a cup of tea. 
  3. Play board games. Recently we have been loving Cluedo and Scrabble. We are honestly obsessed and i don't know what life was before it (how sad).
  4. Watch a new TV show. Get Netflix and find something you love, don't be ashamed to watch episode after episode in one day, we all do it.
  5. Bake cakes. I love a bit of baking, it takes up a good chunk of your day and you have something delicious at the end of it. 
  6. Spring clean. There's nothing better than being motivated to do a really good clean around the house. You'll feel better after, put some bouncy music on and you're off.
  7. Move your room around. Re-arrange your room and give it a fresh look, maybe buy a few new things and make it homely.
  8. Write a blog or diary post. Take some time for yourself and write in your diary or make a blog. Something just for you and your thoughts or interests. It's good to have a hobby and to feel organised.
What do you do to cure your bordem? Let me know and i'll do it one day!


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Latest Products

For the past few months i've been trying a lot of new products because i've had more money and fancied new things. I also moved house so it was the perfect opportunity to try something new!

  1. Original Source- Vanilla & Raspberry. This honestly smells devine, it reminds me of yoghurt. I don't notice the feel of my skin when i'm out of the shower, i expect it to be silky smooth if i'm honest but it doesn't do anything. I only use it for the smell.
  2. Garnier Summer Body- Medium. This is one of my go-to products, it has been since i was around 15. It only takes a few hours, it doesn't have that horrible fake tan smell and it leaves an all over glow.
  3. Liz Earle- Cleanse & Polish. I use this every now and again with a Liz Earle cleansing cloth, it works a treat. It literally is what everyone says about it, amazing. It takes all my make up off and makes my skin feel so fresh/clean after.
  4. Victoria Secret: Body Sunset Spray. Victoria Secret do some amazing deals on their sprays and it's always hard to choose one. As you can see i love this scent because most of the bottle is gone, it's one of my favourites from there and so easy to drop in your handbag for emergencies or a freshen up.
  5. Argan Oil: Hair Spray. I was introduced to this product by my lovely house mate Jaymie (thanks Jay). You basically spray it on your hair after a shower, it stops all the frizziness and is basically amazing. Also it's so cheap, what would be better?
  6. Soap & Glory: The Righteous Butter. I get a lot of Soap & Glory gift sets for Christmas so i don't need to buy more during the year luckily. This is by far my favourite product of theirs. It lasts ages and dries super quick. 
  7. L'oreal Paris: Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. I've recently gone blonde but can't afford to pay for the higher blonde shampoo and conditioner collections because i'm a student and clearly poor. So i decided to get a colour protect range, this does stop the colour from being dull and lifeless but doesn't improve the blonde.
If you have any recommendations i'd love to hear them, i hope you've all had a lovely day.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Travel Tuesday: NYC

I know it's later than I would usually write a post but I've been super busy today, but I didn't want to miss Travel Tuesday! Todays post is all about my time in New York city, i'm super lucky to have been here because I know so many people who would love to go. It is probably my favourite holiday I've ever been on because it was just me and my mum. We got to spend some quality time together and we made some amazing memories. 

We went 4 years ago in September but it honestly seems like a life time ago. We took some amazing pictures and I chose 2 of my all time favourites. This one was taken whilst we were on an open top bus going past Times Square. The whole trip was mesmerising but Times Square was just on another level. 

This picture was taken on top of the Empire State Building, what a site that is! I could spend days up there, it is honestly my favourite view in the world.

I loved New York and I would totally go back because it is fab. It's so busy all the time so you have to be able to keep up with the pace. I couldn't live there, I would rather live somewhere I could escape to a quiet place easily. If you are planning on going in the future don't be afraid of doing things and spending the extra money!

Happy Travel Tuesday and I hope you've all had a lovely day.


Monday, 17 August 2015

Living with anxiety

One of the most dreaded words in a conversation, is anxiety, there i said it. Some people are so afraid to talk about mental health issues and they judge you straight away. I understand what it means to live with anxiety, and of course i'm not doing this so people will feel sorry for me. I just want to help people and explain things better, so people can start to understand it and not be so frightened by it. Since coming to university and meeting so many different people, i've learnt that it's very common for someone to live with depression or anxiety for example. You often think you're alone and that you can't tell anyone what you're feeling because they won't understand. Someone will always be there for you, if you're having a bad day, one of your friends is there to help. It might not feel like it, but they are, it's important you all know that.

One of the things i struggle day to day with is the worry aspect of anxiety. I worry about the most pointless things, such as what i'm going to eat that day, what this person is doing and if they won't like what i'm about to say. Most people think that it's just anxiety attacks but really you're living each day with a little piece of it with you.

When i do start to really worry i think of all the amazing people and things i have in my life. I think of the quote above and i tell myself to snap out of it, stop over thinking.

Tips to help your anxiety

  • Spend time with your friends and family. They can always take your mind away from it all.
  • Go outside and get some fresh air, walk around, take in the world.
  • Open a window, turn on a light and have a cup of tea
  • Read your favourite book or watch your favourite film/programme

Don't be ashamed to live with anxiety, you're not alone. Leave your own tips in the comments to help other people! I hope you liked this extra personal post, there maybe one in the future.


Saturday, 15 August 2015

I've moved house!

First of all i have to apologise for not doing a Thursday post, i was so busy moving house then having a job interview the same day, life has just been hectic. But the day finally came!! I moved into a house with some of my best friends, i've spent the past few days settling in with the girls and making everything homely. Our living room is pretty bare at the minute, so we went shopping yesterday and added some candles and flowers to try make the room come alive more.

Me and two other girls are upstairs, when you walk up you see a window. We're all obsessed with candles, so we added this cute one.

Now onto my room. The walls are bright white so it's hard to add colour and make it homely. I think i've managed to do it and i love the way my room is set out, i've gone for a plain white scheme as you can tell. I basically took pictures of everywhere in my room, so it's a room tour.

I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe comment and leave ideas of what i can put in my room?


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Travel Tuesday: London

Happy travel Tuesday! Everyone loves London and i think i'm really lucky because i've been there many, many times. I go atleast once a year and i love it so much. The atmosphere is electric and the whole city is buzzing. I've been on shopping trips, to the theatre and most recently to visit a friend of mine who goes to university down there. Each time i go i make sure i do all of the tourist things even though i've seen them all around 6 times.

This is my favourite photo from my trip, the weather was beautiful and who can resist the beautiful Big Ben.

During the same day we went to Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. There was an even going on at Leicester Square so it was so busy. There were people absolutely everywhere, i mean, London is busy on a normal day, but this was a Saturday so it was extra busy. 

We also visited Victoria Park and Greenwich. Greenwich is my new favourite place in London, it's beautiful and the architecture is just insane. We went out for lunch and grabbed a coffee. I had such a lovely time, the weather was amazing and the company was even better. 

I hope you enjoyed my Travel Tuesday post. Let me know where your favourite places in London are!


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Homeware and Topshop wishlist

I haven't done a fashion post yet so i'm super excited to write and share this one with you guys. There's not much excitement going on in my wardrobe at the minute, but there are so many things i want to add to it. So i decided to make a wishlist of all the things i have seen and love. As most of you will know from one of my previous posts, Home Haul, i adore homeware. So why not make a wishlist about that too?

I created these images using the app Polyvore, which is amazing if you love to browse and create sets like below. I am totally in love with these homeware pieces. I am obsessed with decorative pillows and flowers for my desk, i can't find any desk flowers which are a decent price right now, so if you know of a place please let me know in the comments! My favourite Disney film is The little Mermaid, so i clearly love mermaids and that statue type one caught my eye instantly. I'm totally into anything copper right now, so i included the lamp, chair and table because, so much lovelyness.

On to the fashion. Everything in the set below is from Topshop, i'm a student so i only shop there when i have enough money to buy a few things because i can't go in and buy one thing, it's too hard. My favourite season Autumn (or Fall to you Americans) is coming soon, so i wanted to pick things which i would wear for it. I'm super excited for berry lips and dark eyes to come back, i'm not going to lie, i don't own any makeup from Topshop but i'm sure that will change very soon because i hear amazing things about it all. I adore cropped jumpers, they are perfect for Autumn and they go with skirts and jeans which i think is fab. 

Let me know in the comments what you love about the sets or what you don't love!! Thanks for reading guys and i hope you enjoyed this kind of different post.


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Hair colour/style advice

When it comes down to being a girl i pretty much fail. I don't know anything about skincare or beauty. If i see something in a shop which i like, i'll get it. The one thing i do know about is hair. I have changed the style and the colour of my hair more times than you would believe. I wanted to talk about the way you should go around dying your hair and some of the do's/dont's.

As you can tell by the collage of different images above, my hair is never the same colour for longer than around two months. These pictures are also in order, the bottom right being the most recent. There are many other colours ranging from turquoise to dip dyed blonde but i simply couldn't find pictures from these phases, or they were too embarrassing.

If it's your first time dying your hair i highly advise you go to a hair dresser because you will achieve what you want properly there. If you have dyed your before and you're thinking about doing it again, i'd still say go to the hair dressers, but if you're on a budget then try look for no ammonia, it'll be healthier for your hair.

I have had extensions, a fringe, a bob, layers and non layered hair. Anything that you could imagine, i have done. I want to advise people out there who are looking for a change, think about it, please. I am so spontaneous when it comes to my hair, i can decide the day before that i want to cut 5 inches off and many, many times i've looked in the mirror after and wondered what i had done. I can't explain this obsession with you guys, i just get bored with my look easily. 

A big part of me changing my hair would be the person doing it, i have to trust them. I always go to someone who i've had do my hair before. Even though i can decide on the moment what i want, i need to know that the person will do a good enough job. I currently have a mobile hair dresser and she is fab, she's not much older than me and she's become a really good friend so i'm comfortable each time. If you don't know the hair dresser you are going to, you should check that she is recommended. There's nothing worse than coming out looking like you've been dragged through a bush backwards. If you do come out looking horrible and hating the colour she's done, tell them. They will always do what they can to fix it, because at the end of the day they will be embarrassed and they do want you to be happy, it's their job.

Let me know what your best and worst hair styles/colours are in the comments below and i hope you enjoyed this different post!


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Top 10 things you need at University

One week today i'm moving into my house and to say i'm excited would be an understatement. Last year i was in halls and i did have a fab time, but i'm excited to be comfortable in a home situation. Because i wasn't sure what i needed when i moved out i took absolutely everything i could get my hands on, and i also forgot some pretty important stuff. I decided to list some stuff i think you need when you move out because i didn't have a guide, and i think it's pretty important for someone to give you a rough idea. Most of these will be for the people who are moving out, but if you're not, i'm sure you will one day.

1. Pictures of the people you love

All through my first year i was printing pictures of my memories with people from home and my new memories with friends from University. It's important to be surrounded by the people you love when you're so far away from home, it makes you feel less alone.

2. Two sets of bedding

You will see this bedding set in my Home Haul post, it's brand new for my house. I did purchase two sets of bedding last year for the house just in case. It turns out it is highly important to have more than one set. Don't kid yourself, you won't do your washing once a week. You might aim to, but finding the time to go to the laundrette in your first year is so hard. I was across campus so it took a while to get there and was in the end, a dreaded task. I change my bedding once a week so yes, two sets of bedding is handy.

3. Cleaning products

If you're like me and live with a larger amount of people, it's important to tidy up after yourself. You're in charge of keeping your own space clean, you shouldn't live in a pig sty like the stereotype of a student is. Through my first year at uni i went through two bottles of bleach and two bathroom/kitchen products. CLEAN.

4. Stationary

There's nothing worse than having someone constantly ask for a spare pen in lectures. Get yourself prepared and keep a pencil case/notebook in your bag.

5.  A mirror

I only had a mirror in my bathroom, and when you're addicted to a program on Netflix, (it will happen) you'll want to watch it whilst you're eating, getting ready and showering. So a mirror on your desk is a perfect idea i think. It helps the lazy inside all of us.

6. Healthy food

Please for the love off god do not live of chocolate and Dominos. Trust me, i know how hard it is to fall into that lazy pattern, the amount of work you have to do is piling on top of you and it's easy to call that number and get some pizza. Don't. Once in a while is fine, but go to the supermarket and pick up some fruit. Maybe put some yoghurt on top. It's a better snack and you will feel so much better after.

7. Hobbies

When you aren't with the amazing new friends you have made or when you don't have any work which needs doing or you aren't getting drunk at 12pm, you need a hobby. You need to keep busy so you don't get into that sad stage where you miss home and some people. Read, go swimming or go explore some amazing places near you.

8. Netflix account

Netflix will be your bestfriend, there's nothing else to say really.

9. Confidence

I'll be honest, i'm not the most confident person. I can't just go up to people and speak to them or talk in front of a group of people. But you need to be able to put yourself out there and be comfortable with different people. Make friends and don't be scared to put yourself out there. You won't regret it.

10. Cupboard food

Soup and beans for example. You need emergency food for when you've spent all your money on alcohol and eating out. Invest in a huge bag of pasta and pasta sauce, it will do you good.

Leave any recommendations for future University students, i'd also love to hear them!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Travel Tuesday: Italy

Happy Travel Tuesday, my favourite blog day. This time i'm sharing my time in Southern Italy with you. In May 2014 i was chosen along with 3 other people to study for 3 weeks in a city called Lecce. There we worked for different companies, learnt basic Italian and explored the wonderful city. 

The first picture is one of my all time favourite images, obviously not captured by me. I was wearing my favourite floppy hat and i was bleach blonde at the time. We looked at this view for about an hour, and i won't lie, i could have stayed longer.

Lecce is quite run down on the outskirts, but the centre is lovely and the architecture is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. There were so many different places to eat and drink, at each point surrounding the town there were these arches which were magnificent. 

Everywhere i go, even if i'm just at home i always manage to catch a beautiful sunset. It's like a hobby, i can sit there for hours waiting for it and then watching the sun disappear. Half way through the holiday i caught this one from my friends bedroom. I remember exactly what we were doing because we had just done face masks, which obviously went everywhere.

On our first weekend we took a trip to the beach, it was full of locals relaxing with their friends and doing what was normal to them. Us being English, thought that because the weather was over 20 degrees we had to strip down to our swimming gear and go into the freezing water. It's easy to say we got some funny looks.

Italy is my favourite country, i just think it's beautiful. One day i will travel to places such as Florence and Venice, it will be amazing. I hope you enjoyed this travel Tuesday, let me know if you've ever been to Italy and if you have any recommendations! 


Monday, 3 August 2015

Don't worry, be happy

How ironic is this title, huh? I wanted to write a post to give some people who struggle with day to day happiness tips. But who am i to give tips to people on how to be happy? I struggle with anxiety and believe me i am not happy every day. Lately i've been appreciating what i have, and life more and more. Today is a good day, just as yesterday and the day before that was. For that i am thankful

To me happiness is all that counts, i have so many amazing people around me and it would be easy to think that it's easy for me to be happy. But it isn't and that's okay. 

Get yourself out of the house

This is the most important advice i can give you. Don't stay in the house if you feel down, there's a whole world out there which is waiting for you to explore it. Go to a park, visit a friend, go to a library or to a coffee shop. Just take a breath outside, fresh air will do you good.

Eat your favourite food and drink your favourite drink

You don't have to be healthy all the time, the good thing (only good thing) about being down is that you have a reason to eat ice cream at 3am.

Do some exercise

Get up and do some star jumps, run up and down the stairs a few times or go outside and do yoga. There's nothing better than getting your blood pumping in my opinion. Be energetic.

Watch a comedy

My favourite at the minute is The Goldbergs, i'm not even going to describe it to you. It's just hilarious and amazing and wow. If you love a good half an hour comedy, give this a go.

Go see or speak to someone close to you

Your friends and family are always there for you, some people may not understand but someone will. Don't be afraid to ask for help or tell someone you're sad. There's always someone who is able to make you see the world in a better light or just make you laugh. 

I'm not a professional at being happy, i'm sorry. But if you need someone to speak to, i'm here. Don't be sad alone.


Saturday, 1 August 2015

Current book collection

Today has been one of the good days. I got to see one of my best friends and i feel happy, it's nice to feel this way again. So i wanted to write a post about something i'm passionate about, books. I feel like when people aren't there for you, books can be. You can pick one up and put your soul into it, transform yourself into another world. There are many different kinds of books which are my favourites at the minute. 

Enchanted Forest Colouring Book 

Sometimes i get restless and i'm not sure what to do with my day, i don't want to read a real book or watch TV or do any exercise.. this is perfect. It has beautiful designs inside and you can find yourself colouring for hours. 

The Dirty Side of Glamour by Tyler Shields

This is a fab book full of beautiful and creative photography. I've followed Tyler Shields for a while and his work is amazing. If you love photography and art this book is for you. I chose to share my favourite image with you, the one on the left with the champagne just fills my heart with excitement. 

Q&A 5 Year Journal

Every day a new question is on each page, and every year you have to answer the same question. Some of them are crazy and so imaginative. It's super hard to remember to answer every day, so i haven't been up to date lately with being so busy and all over the place. BUT when i'm all organised and settled in my new place i'm sure i will pick it back up, because it's good for me time.

Love Tanya by Tanya Burr

I adore Tanya at the minute, people think of youtubers and think they're selfish and rude. But Tanya seems like such a lovely person. Her book is full of makeup, baking, skincare, fashion, love, life, happiness and looking forward tips. What more would you want from a book?

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

This is the most recent book i've read and it was worth it. It's amazing, the cover instantly attracted me to it and i fell in love with the synopsis. Its about a cross between The Hunger Games and Divergent in my opinion. It's a story about survival. 

Thanks for reading guys, this might of not been so interesting to some of you but i love books and i know some people who do too. Remember books are always there for you.