Thursday, 4 February 2016

January Favourites

I've decided that this year i will stick to my monthly favourites because i will be trying so many new things and i want to share it all with you guys! I'll be including beauty, life, fashion, reading, food and travel or maybe even random things. Because it's still winter there won't be anything outside in this favourites because.. cold.

  1. Nars Sheer Glow foundation.
    Before using Nars Sheer Glow i found my love for MAC Studio Fix, but i found out they test on animals and even though i own some of their products, i'm not sure if i'll shop their again... lets just say it's put me off. So after this i decided i would try Nars, because that's another foundation i have heard so much about and haven't tried before. I sat down at the Nars counter and the lady with immaculate make up on took all of mine off and i was naked for a second. Then she matched my skin up with the perfect shade for me, did everything else like concealer and powder and there you have it. I was in love with a new (pricey) foundation. Ever since i have worn it every day and i don't think i'd go back to any other foundation. It layers just enough for me and the coverage is great, it works amazing with any concealer and powder and sits right on my face.
  2. Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.
    Now this is a product i had heard SO much about, and i didn't get it in January i must admit i've had it a few months now but i needed to tell you all how much i love it. I'm one of those unlucky people who aren't blessed with long eyelashes, but this mascara makes it look like i am. Lately i've been wearing more natural make up- no liquid eyeliner which i'm proud about after 6 years of wearing it basically every day. So this mascara gives me the dark look i need to match my eyebrows every day.
  3. Turtle neck jumpers.
    The other day i was in the tiny New Look in my town and there was a tiny sale. In that sale i found two of the comfiest turtle necks i have ever owned and it's safe to say i'm in love, one is cream and one is baby pink. Most of my wardrobe is black and grey- so these are nice items to own. During this season i've found my love of thin jumpers to chuck on with some jeans and some ankle boots. There's a way to dress this look up or just have a casual one. I swear there is nothing better to me right now than these new jumpers.
  4. Thai Green Chicken Curry.
    I love trying new food, there's not a lot out there that i don't like. I'm not into spicy food though, salt and pepper is spicy to me which means i don't try a lot of curry. However the other month we were in one of my favourite restaurants 'Yee Rah' and i ordered the Thai Green Chicken curry. And it was amazing. I've tried the Waga and Marks & Spencers one since, but nothing could be as amazing as that first one.
  5. Jessica Jones.
    The one thing everyone knows about me is that i love to binge watch TV shows on Netflix, i get addicted really quick and i could recommend so many different ones from different genres. My favourite genre for TV shows and books is the supernatural, like Teen Wolf or The Vampire Diaries. Netflix raved on and on about Jessica Jones and i watched a few episodes and i did like it, but i wasn't motivated to watch it until one day when i had nothing better to do. After episode 6 i was hooked. I think i watched that season in 2 days after that. If you love strong female characters, sass and action this is for you.
  6. Online shopping.
    January is student loan month, and student loan means a few extra pennies to buy nice things for myself. When i get paid i try to buy something nice for myself straight away so i'm not tempted to buy anything else later on when i'm poorer. I have done well, but there are birthdays and occasions coming up like Mothers Day and Valentines Day which make me spend them extra few pennies earlier than expected. I like to get ideas and plan ahead when it comes to buying things for other people, and that's what i've been doing... online mostly. Everything is in one place and it's just so freaking easy. You come home one day from University or work and there it is, ready for you to open and wrap. Who can resist online shopping?
  7. Caramel latte's.
    Over the Christmas period i found my love for hot chocolates again but no that i'm super busy again i have my love for latte's again. That extra kick in a morning or after i finish work is just amazing, with the sweet taste of caramel... it's perfect. I'm in love with them, what can i say?
  8. Planning trips.
    I have a serious case of Wanderlust lately, i keep looking at holidays (knowing i can't afford them) and planning where i would go in these places. It gets me down knowing i probably won't be able to go away this year because of money, but i still like to know the places i want to travel. 
Let me know what your favourites from January are and if you've tried anything new! Thanks for reading and until next time my loves.



  1. Love these favourites, caramel lattes are the best! I've been loving Jessica Jones this January as well :) xx