Thursday, 1 December 2016

Unwinding After A Long Day #2

First of all, welcome back... AGAIN. I'm sorry i keep leaving, but as you know university and work is crazy right now!

I decided to do a part 2 to my unwinding after a long day because it is my most loved post! It's so important to chill out and enjoy yourself after a long, hard day. So here's some pointers of what help me out when i've had a long day.

  1. Have a bath
    Having a bath with your favourite Lush bath bomb or bubble bath is one of my favourite things to do. It gives you the perfect opportunity to relax, have a glass of wine, catch up on YouTube or read a book
  2. Cook your favourite meal
    Cooking may seem like a task, however when you think of the feeling you get when you have cooked something you love to eat... it makes you feel so proud. So treat yourself to something you wouldn't eat on a normal day, make it healthy (or just full of goodness) and make sure your body gets what it deserves
  3. Talk to a loved one
    There's nothing i love more than catching up with a family member or close friend, and the perfect opportunity is when you are relaxing on an evening and can have a good old giggle with someone you adore
  4. Catch up on some blogging or YouTube
    I'm appreciating this more than ever right now, i was recently without internet for a week and i am now learning to appreciate it more than ever. Catch up with some light reading from your favourite blogger or watch what your favourite YouTuber has been up to lately
  5. A cup of tea, hot chocolate or large glass of wine
    Put your feet up and make yourself that drink that has been on your mind all day
If you have any other ideas please comment bellow and maybe inspire some other people to relax every now and again! Who knows, this could become a series.

Danielle x