Monday, 29 February 2016

February Favourites

Happy leap day!! First of all i hope you all have a lovely day and have tried lots of new and exciting things this month. I haven't really. Just the usual, new fashion, food and TV shows. But i figured i would share it all with you anyway. I'm sticking to my vow and carrying on with some monthly favourites, you can read my January Favourites here! 

  1. Simple shower gel.
    Even though we have had two months since Christmas, i was lucky enough to receive lots of Soap & Glory and other lovely smellies. Which means i am probably set in my shower until next Christmas. But these are all creams and scrubs, i have nothing for that fresh scent i need in a morning before university or work. So i decided to try the Simple shower gel after it was recommended by one of the lovely girls i live with. I've gone through 2 bottles in 2 months i love it that much. The scent is fresh and wakes me up instantly. I find some shower creams are nice but they don't make me feel clean, whereas the Simple shower gel does which i love.
  2. Juicy Water: Raspberries & Apples.
    I work every Sunday, but because it's that dead in the shop we have a lot of down time. So on my break i always go to Costa, get a hot drink, some food and one of these drinks. I'm all for different juices and this has got to be my favourite one lately. It's fresh and healthy and everything you want in a yummy drink. 
  3. White Hot Chocolate.
    Sticking on the drinks and costa route, i recently tried a white hot chocolate from there and it's as amazing as it sounds. I know how annoying it is that sometimes when you get a hot drink you have to wait half an hour for it to cool down, because this has a lot of milk in it, it's fine to drink straight away which is a perk. You get to have cherry or raspberry sauce on top of the cream and it's just a bunch of delicousness. 
  4. Lukas Graham.
    If you don't already know who this amazing guy is, he's a singer from Denmark and recently released his amazing hit 7 Years. After i heard this i spent a long train journey listening to his latest songs and i fell in love with his voice more. They're actually a band which i also love, they're new and upcoming so please check them out, share the love!
  5. Lie To Me.
    I'm a huge fan of Criminal Minds and most things crime, so when my boyfriend introduced me to this TV show i knew i would love it. It's about a group of people who work with the FBI and can tell when people are lying and every emotion on someones face. They work with the FBI to catch the bad guys and the stories are so gripping. I got through 3 seasons in around a week and a half.
  6. Shadowhunters.
    Again, sticking with the TV show Netflix kind of thing i want to talk about a new show which is a Netflix original- Shadowhunters. There is a series of books called The Mortal Instruments which i read when i was 16 and fell in love with. It was then made into a film, which wasn't that successful so they made it into a show. And i am officially hooked! I can't describe it without giving it away, so just go and check it out! Give it a couple of episodes and if you're not totally in love with it... i'm sorry.
  7. Striped tops.
    I've always been a huge fan of New Look fashion, it is basically my go to shop when i need anything. And lately i have been all for the striped jumpers and tops to pair with a skirt or jeans for that casual look. I don't know why i am just loving them. 
  8. Boyfriend jeans.
    Another piece of fashion i have introduced myself to is Boyfriend jeans. After seeing Tanya Burr's amazing jeans from Topshop i decided i wanted to get some and see if my little legs would look okay in them. The Topshop ones weren't in my price range so i purchased the New Look ones with slits and i am in love, they are so comfy and look perfect with a light jacked, striped top and belt. 
I hope you enjoyed this months favourites, again i apologise for the lack of excitement but! Let me know what your favourites were this month.


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Favourite High Street Vs Luxury Brand Product

Over the past few months i've broadened my make up knowledge and gone over to the dark side. I've started buying more expensive brands such as MAC, Illamasqua and Nars. Even though the make up is so much more expensive and that might not be okay with some people, i have to say... it is all worth the money (well, most of it.) I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on some of my favourite products from a high street brand a more luxury brand.


At the minute i'm into wearing nudes and my two favourite ones are the MAC Twig and Rimmel Kate Moss 03. The Kate Moss nude is my holy grail of lipsticks, i can wear it with any clothing, any style of hair and it's perfect. It has a slight pinky tone to it which matches my skin tone perfectly. Luckily i can get away with pink tones or brown tones, i do prefer the brown ones but i'm still in love with these two. The MAC one is also one of my favourite all time lipsticks, the pink tone is much darker and has more of an evening look which makes me reach for it less. 

Favourite? Rimmel Kate Moss- 03.


These are my two favourite foundations. The coverage with Nars Sheer Glow is flawless and it leaves my skin feeling covered and smooth. You can layer it up or just leave one natural layer on which i love. The price is kind of steep for me, £33 just seems like too much! But for this item, every now and again i'm willing to pay it. On the other hand, my favourite high street brand of foundation is the Maybelline Fit Me. The coverage isn't full but the colours available and the texture goes with my skin really well.

Favourite? Nars Sheer Glow.


Since i first started wearing make up at school i've used powder. I know most people don't but i find it sets my foundation and concealer way better and just gives that finished tone to my skin. I first found Maybelline Matte Maker last year, after previously using Maybelline powders and being really impressed. After i went on a MAC haul a few months ago i picked up the Pro Longwear powder and it isn't amazing. It seams to take my foundation off and doesn't give me that finished look which Maybelline does which disappointed me. 

Favourite? Maybelline Matte Maker.

Let me know which make up you are loving right now, and i will give it a try! Thanks for reading. 


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Peaches & Co Product Review

A few days ago i got in contact with a small and upcoming accessory company and wondered if it would like to be reviewed on my blog. They said yes and i was lucky enough to be sent some gorgeous goodies today! If you're all for reviews and picture happy posts, this is for you. The company is called Peaches & Co which you can check out here, and currently stocks prints, pocket mirrors and phone cases. Everything is unique and beautiful so i can't wait to share it all with you.


When i was talking to the creator Danielle about the different products she sells she mentioned the prints, i thought they would be like many other companies and be flimsy. I was so surprised when i got these, the designs are beautiful and i fell totally in love. These designs are ones i would put in frames or on the wall because they are that lovely. The paper type is strong and would look lovely on a wall which i liked. As you all know i am a lover of curly writing so the font just fits my personality perfectly. 

Pocket Mirrors

They stock a few different designs for pocket mirrors which are all lovely and creative. I ended up choosing these two because of the fonts, colours and designs. Only recently have i found my love for pocket mirrors and i currently have one stored in my handbag from another quirky brand but i have to say it will be getting replaced by one of these lovely ones! I think they create perfect little gifts and i love the uniqueness. Normal pocket mirrors have a standard print but these are cute accessories every girl needs in an every day life. The colours on the 'you look lovely' mirror remind me of spring which i also adore.

Phone Case

Along with having loads of different prints in the pocket mirrors Danielle has created different prints for phone cases. When she told me i could choose which one i wanted, i instantly picked the unicorn case. Because i'm all things unicorn at the minute. I have an iPhone 6S so the cases are a little snug and hard to get in and out which is annoying, but it's better than having nothing on it (better to be safe than sorry in my world!) The print is so cute and colourful which i love, i can feel the complements rolling in already. Another thing i love about it is the material, it is shiny and sleek. I don't like the rubber ones too much! Overall i really love this item, it's adorable, fun and pretty.

My favourite item has to be the Cheer Up Buttercup print, it's so girly and pretty, the font is beautiful! I can't wait to frame it and put it in my room. I would like to thank Danielle from Peaches & Co for supplying me with all these beautiful goodies. I honestly have nothing bad to say about her products, she was lovely and willing to let me review them and i was happily surprised when i opened them up. I highly recommend speaking to here about her products and going over to check their website out! (I've linked it above.)

What was your favourite out of them all? I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Friday, 12 February 2016

Unwinding After A Long Day

Lately myself and the people who surround me have been nothing but busy, we all go to uni and have part time jobs to keep us ok between loans. I've noticed that it's really hard for some people to be able to relax and have a nice evening after a long day at work or university, especially if you know you have to get back up tomorrow and do it all again (it has been a week of early starts for me.) It's hard to unwind after constantly doing things all day, so if you're like me and can't stop fidgeting when you get home, this tips could seriously help you relax and help you to look after yourself a bit more.

1. Pamper Session
Lets talk beauty... Get your favorite face mask, cleanse your face and enjoy some pamper time. It's important to feel refreshed and happy instead of just falling into bed without taking your makeup off. Fortunately i never do this, it's so important to take your makeup off before going to sleep. Think of the pimples you will wake up with the next day if you don't clean your face! The horror. A face mask is a perfect way to unwind and give your skin the treat it needs after having piles of makeup on it all day. Another thing you could do is take a long relaxing bath. Take a bath bomb or your favourite bubbles and soak for about half an hour, I'm sure you will be ready to crawl into bed after that treat. 

2. A Nice Dinner
I'm guilty of not eating properly after work, I'll settle for snack food but i will always wake up in the morning starving because i haven't eaten real tea the night before. It's important to look after your body and make sure it's ready for your next busy day. Eat your favourite meal and make sure you enjoy it, this will motivate you to do it more often.

3. Some Reading
I love to read. I'm into any genre and i get into books straight away. When you're a book addict like me it's easy to sit down with a cup of tea and dive back into a world which isn't your own. Let your mind wander and your eyes tire, you'll soon be relaxed enough for an easy nights sleep.

4. Watch A Film/TV Program
I have certain films and programs i watch when i'm going to sleep. I'm one of them annoying people that can't sleep unless there's something on the TV. So my go to things are Chalet Girl, Burlesque and Mock The Week. I don't know why they're just nice to fall asleep to. Find your fave film and put it on or maybe even just a nice film.

5. Playing Games
Spend some time with your family and friends, play some board games or something.

6. Snack Food
Indulge your dark side and go and buy all of your favorite snack foods. Maybe even some ice cream? lay in bed, relax, watch some crappy TV and eat everything you own.

Let me know what you guys like to do after a long day!


Monday, 8 February 2016

How To Have A Good Day- Taken or Single. (Valentines Day!)

Hey guys! As you all know it's Valentines Day this Sunday and i wanted to share some ideas for the day with you. Even if you're single you can still have a good day with your friends or on your own- you don't have to be sad all day! Celebrate your independence. Instead of doing a gift guide i decided to help you all in this way.

Classic dinner.
To me, there's nothing better than going out with a loved one to a restaurant and just talking the whole time. What's better than being with the person you love and enjoying some amazing food? Just make sure you book in advance!

Theatre/Cinema trip.
Last year me and my boyfriend went to the cinema and for dinner on valentines day, being the romantic couple we are we went to see American Sniper- clearly the most romantic couple ever. The cinema is just a perfect place to stuff your face, watch a comedy and laugh with your other half. Another idea i have is to go to the theatre. Boys probably won't appreciate this but i think it's a really nice day/evening out. You can make it posh and go somewhere nice before for cocktails or something. I just think the whole setting is romantic.

Ice skating.
If you're graceful and ladylike this would be a perfect idea for you and your other half. You can hold hands and do all that romantic stuff.

Netflix and chill.
It's nice to spend time with the one you love inside, being cosy. Cook a nice meal, watch a romantic film and snuggle on the sofa.

Bowling isn't my thing, but it can be hilarious. It's a fun way to laugh together and make some memories.


The atmosphere in a bar or pub is amazing if it's your first Valentines Day. Some cocktails, wine or prosecco are the perfect ways to make any situation unawkward.

Somewhere Sentimental.

Go to a place which is special to you both, have an afternoon there and talk about your memories.

Drinks with your friends.
Find a single friend, go for drinks, get drunk, eat drunk food and giggle a lot.

Beach trip.

Go to the beach with your friends, get an ice cream and make some memories with your best friends.

Netflix, a takeaway and wine.

You can be with your friends, or by yourself. It's just another day in the end, watch your favourite TV show or film, eat your favourite food and maybe some Ben & Jerry's (the only guys you can really rely on) and crack open some delicious wine.


Come on, what is better than shopping?


Make some extra money at work and pick up and extra shift, at the end of the day it's just a normal day.

I hope you all have a lovely day, no matter what you do. Let me know what your plans are!


Thursday, 4 February 2016

January Favourites

I've decided that this year i will stick to my monthly favourites because i will be trying so many new things and i want to share it all with you guys! I'll be including beauty, life, fashion, reading, food and travel or maybe even random things. Because it's still winter there won't be anything outside in this favourites because.. cold.

  1. Nars Sheer Glow foundation.
    Before using Nars Sheer Glow i found my love for MAC Studio Fix, but i found out they test on animals and even though i own some of their products, i'm not sure if i'll shop their again... lets just say it's put me off. So after this i decided i would try Nars, because that's another foundation i have heard so much about and haven't tried before. I sat down at the Nars counter and the lady with immaculate make up on took all of mine off and i was naked for a second. Then she matched my skin up with the perfect shade for me, did everything else like concealer and powder and there you have it. I was in love with a new (pricey) foundation. Ever since i have worn it every day and i don't think i'd go back to any other foundation. It layers just enough for me and the coverage is great, it works amazing with any concealer and powder and sits right on my face.
  2. Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.
    Now this is a product i had heard SO much about, and i didn't get it in January i must admit i've had it a few months now but i needed to tell you all how much i love it. I'm one of those unlucky people who aren't blessed with long eyelashes, but this mascara makes it look like i am. Lately i've been wearing more natural make up- no liquid eyeliner which i'm proud about after 6 years of wearing it basically every day. So this mascara gives me the dark look i need to match my eyebrows every day.
  3. Turtle neck jumpers.
    The other day i was in the tiny New Look in my town and there was a tiny sale. In that sale i found two of the comfiest turtle necks i have ever owned and it's safe to say i'm in love, one is cream and one is baby pink. Most of my wardrobe is black and grey- so these are nice items to own. During this season i've found my love of thin jumpers to chuck on with some jeans and some ankle boots. There's a way to dress this look up or just have a casual one. I swear there is nothing better to me right now than these new jumpers.
  4. Thai Green Chicken Curry.
    I love trying new food, there's not a lot out there that i don't like. I'm not into spicy food though, salt and pepper is spicy to me which means i don't try a lot of curry. However the other month we were in one of my favourite restaurants 'Yee Rah' and i ordered the Thai Green Chicken curry. And it was amazing. I've tried the Waga and Marks & Spencers one since, but nothing could be as amazing as that first one.
  5. Jessica Jones.
    The one thing everyone knows about me is that i love to binge watch TV shows on Netflix, i get addicted really quick and i could recommend so many different ones from different genres. My favourite genre for TV shows and books is the supernatural, like Teen Wolf or The Vampire Diaries. Netflix raved on and on about Jessica Jones and i watched a few episodes and i did like it, but i wasn't motivated to watch it until one day when i had nothing better to do. After episode 6 i was hooked. I think i watched that season in 2 days after that. If you love strong female characters, sass and action this is for you.
  6. Online shopping.
    January is student loan month, and student loan means a few extra pennies to buy nice things for myself. When i get paid i try to buy something nice for myself straight away so i'm not tempted to buy anything else later on when i'm poorer. I have done well, but there are birthdays and occasions coming up like Mothers Day and Valentines Day which make me spend them extra few pennies earlier than expected. I like to get ideas and plan ahead when it comes to buying things for other people, and that's what i've been doing... online mostly. Everything is in one place and it's just so freaking easy. You come home one day from University or work and there it is, ready for you to open and wrap. Who can resist online shopping?
  7. Caramel latte's.
    Over the Christmas period i found my love for hot chocolates again but no that i'm super busy again i have my love for latte's again. That extra kick in a morning or after i finish work is just amazing, with the sweet taste of caramel... it's perfect. I'm in love with them, what can i say?
  8. Planning trips.
    I have a serious case of Wanderlust lately, i keep looking at holidays (knowing i can't afford them) and planning where i would go in these places. It gets me down knowing i probably won't be able to go away this year because of money, but i still like to know the places i want to travel. 
Let me know what your favourites from January are and if you've tried anything new! Thanks for reading and until next time my loves.