Friday, 29 January 2016

T+ Fruit Green Tea Review

Hey guys! I'm back with another review from a lovely green tea company called T+. I was contacted by a wonderful lady who told me all about what they are trying to achieve and what their company is all about. They have four different flavours of green tea which each do something different to help make you healthier whilst you enjoy a warm drink. To check out their amazing drinks head over here! 

Before i talk about the flavours i chose and my opinions on them i wanted to take time to talk about the packaging. Because they supply different flavours each of their boxes are different colours which i absolutely love. They are small enough to travel to and from work with and i love the simplicity of the design.

The first flavour i chose was the orange and blueberry one, T+ Immunity. The point which called out to me most was the statement 'A night time healthy sign off'.' There's nothing i love more than sitting down in front of the TV or with a book before bed with a warm drink, so it was easy to make this decision. One of the important points of T+ is trying to make people who don't like the taste of green tea but who want to drink it to be more healthy, have another option which i love. To me, anything is better than the taste of green tea and i do like the taste of the orange and blueberry but i have to say i prefer the apple and blackcurrant. The orange mixes well with the blueberry but i didn't enjoy it as much as i had hoped. The thing that let it down for me was the bitter taste, some people do enjoy that and it won't stop me drinking them because they do taste nice and it's so healthy.

The second box i chose was the apple and blackcurrant detox tea. I love this taste, there is a tiny hint of the green tea taste but not too much to make me stop. I can sit down and enjoy this drink before starting a busy day and knowing i have had that healthy touch in the morning. It is a 'weekend wellness clean out' which i think would be amazing for people that have had a long weekend working or who have been out and are hungover. It will clean you out and you can enjoy it at the same time.

I would highly recommend this new and quirky company who are trying to give people a tastier but healthy option to a (in my opinion) horrible tea. Go check it out and tell me your opinions on them too! 

I'd love to know any new things you guys have been trying in the comments bellow, thanks for reading.


Saturday, 16 January 2016

Latest Makeup Products & A Little Update

I know i've started the last few posts like this but i am sorry for being away a lot (life just kind of took over, one of my new years resolutions is to blog more!!) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Semester 2 is about to start at uni and i'm ready to start again and do better this time. I had a lovely Christmas and it was fab to spend some time with my family and friends. I'm also 20 now!! I still can't believe it. Over the Christmas period my spare time has been spent doing some shopping, like everyone else probably. I've decided to branch out from my high street makeup brands to more expensive ones, and i've started with M.A.C and Illamasqua. The first product of theirs i bought is one of their foundations, i've had it for around two months and i love it. It's the best foundation i have ever had and i can see why people pay that little extra to buy it.

The first thing i picked up was this Prep + Prime spray. One of my friends got it for Christmas and i needed something like this, because for some reason my makeup never tends to stay on for as long as i'd like. All you do is spray it on before your makeup and on each brush you use. For me it does work, there's no scent which i like and the sparkly packaging makes me love it even more.

I needed to get my first M.A.C lipstick, and i'm all for the nude looks lately. So as any lipstick lover would, my hand was covered in different shades in the space of 5 minutes. I finally decided on a shade called Twig. A nude shade with a hint of pink, it's long lasting and looks lovely with a gold eyeshadow. I think it's more of a brown shade than a nude if i'm honest..

The last M.A.C product i picked up was a powder. The foundation i have is the Studio Fix Fluid, but i chose to get the Pro Longwear powder, it goes on easy and helps cover and blemishes but i don't see much of a change in my makeup if i'm honest.

Illamasqua has beautiful products and they have my favourite packaging (i like it so much i keep all the boxes.) I have heard so much about the brand from one of my makeup fanatic best friends and i decided it's about time i tried one of their products too. What perfect opportunity to try most of them than in a multi palette? This gorgeous palette has eye shadows, eye brow products, contour and highlight all in one. And it is amazing. I love everything about it but my favourite part has to be the brow kit. 

Let me know if you've bought any new products lately and if you're enjoying the new year.

Thanks for reading guys, i will be more active i swear!