Thursday, 19 January 2017

Book Club #1

One of my new year resolutions was to read more. Reading is one of my main hobbies, there's nothing better than curling up with a book and throwing yourself into someone elses world. I've decided to make a series of blog posts about the books i have read, a little about them and my thoughts on each one. I know there are a lot of people out there who enjoy reading, but like me, they don't have the time to sit down every day and read a few chapters. Well this year is the time to find some 'me' time. Hopefully there will be a little something in there for everyone, and i hope it inspires you all to read a little bit more.

Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman.

A young girl called Skye is sent to a bereavement camp after her sister died in a tragic accident. She suddenly starts receiving text messages from someone claiming to be her dead sister, whilst trying to figure out if she should face her past, she tries to face the future without her sister.

Now i know what you are thinking, how very Pretty Little Liars of her to write a book about a dead person somehow gaining access to a mobile phone. But don't be fooled! The texting story line only lasts about 1/4 of the book and isn't really a main story line, although it is interesting and adds another factor to the book, this isn't what made it so amazing to me. It tends to focus more on how Skye and the other kids at the camp are coping with loss, guilt and heartbreak. The characters are all very different and it made me able to connect with each of them on a different level. Personally i think the book is amazingly written, it breaks your heart but mends it at the same time. It's all about how a disaster can basically redefine you as a person and the way Sue portrayed that is very clever. There are a few twists and turns which basically had me on the edge of the seat, you basically don't know who to trust.

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell.

Dunvegan School for girls has been closed for many years, it is now converted into Sophie's cousins family home. The teachers and students are gone but they left something behind... Sophie arrives at her cousins creepy house for the summer, Cameron with his scarred hand, strange Lillias with a fear of bones and piper, who seems too good to be true. And then there’s her other cousin. The girl with a room full of antique dolls. The girl that shouldn’t be there. The girl that died. 

This book is one of the best books i have ever read. It is so creepy that it made me throw it to the foot of my bed many, many times, then pick it back up straight away. It is the first real 'horror' i have ever read. Basically Sophie arrives at her cousins and all this creepy stuff keeps happening because of her cousin Rebecca who tragically died 7 years ago, and also because of the EVIL Frozen Charlotte dolls. This book is so cleverly written it made me question if there are such a thing as possessed objects... i'm serious. After watching interviews with the writer i found out that it is a true myth and that the dolls do exist. Before each chapter there is part of the poem surrounding the dolls, which is scary enough for the whole book. The characters are amazing, especially her younger cousin Lillias. Her quirks and differences to the family make her the smartest of them all, and no one believes her. 

I have just started a new book, and i've ordered (far too many) more. So every few books i'll be telling you a little bit about them and what i actually thought. There won't be just the ones i loved, if i hated it, i'll be sure to write that too.

Danielle x

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Unwinding After A Long Day #2

First of all, welcome back... AGAIN. I'm sorry i keep leaving, but as you know university and work is crazy right now!

I decided to do a part 2 to my unwinding after a long day because it is my most loved post! It's so important to chill out and enjoy yourself after a long, hard day. So here's some pointers of what help me out when i've had a long day.

  1. Have a bath
    Having a bath with your favourite Lush bath bomb or bubble bath is one of my favourite things to do. It gives you the perfect opportunity to relax, have a glass of wine, catch up on YouTube or read a book
  2. Cook your favourite meal
    Cooking may seem like a task, however when you think of the feeling you get when you have cooked something you love to eat... it makes you feel so proud. So treat yourself to something you wouldn't eat on a normal day, make it healthy (or just full of goodness) and make sure your body gets what it deserves
  3. Talk to a loved one
    There's nothing i love more than catching up with a family member or close friend, and the perfect opportunity is when you are relaxing on an evening and can have a good old giggle with someone you adore
  4. Catch up on some blogging or YouTube
    I'm appreciating this more than ever right now, i was recently without internet for a week and i am now learning to appreciate it more than ever. Catch up with some light reading from your favourite blogger or watch what your favourite YouTuber has been up to lately
  5. A cup of tea, hot chocolate or large glass of wine
    Put your feet up and make yourself that drink that has been on your mind all day
If you have any other ideas please comment bellow and maybe inspire some other people to relax every now and again! Who knows, this could become a series.

Danielle x

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

It's Time For Third Year And Cold Weather!

It's officially Autumn! I have gone from being pretty much uncomfortable in my own skin for the past 3 months because of the heat (and my lack of summer clothing) to flaunting my comfier and more autumnal clothing. My mum recently came to visit for the weekend and i took the opportunity to buy some more appropriate clothing, fit for the colder months which are slowly approaching. My wardrobe is now full of those gorgeous brown, burnt orange and rose tones which i am loving lately. I've had my fair share of pumpkin spiced latte's, late nights with a fluffy blanket and Gilmore Girls, Halloween Lush specials and Christmas candle browsing (not to mention the Christmas gift ideas I've been having!) Lets just say I'm full of festive feels. After welcoming you all to the colder seasons it's time to get onto the next big thing in my life right now... I'm in third year!

After the struggle of actually getting to this point, I'm proud to say I'm finally in my last year at university and it's safe to say i can't wait until I'm wearing that cape and gown and education is finally behind me. If you don't already know, i study Web Design and Development and it hasn't been the easiest road. This year will no doubt be the hardest year of my education, why wouldn't it be? 

This year is going to either make or break me, and i feel like I'm more than prepared this year. I'm settled in my new job as a receptionist at a gym, I'm settled in my new flat and I'm happy with life now. I had my first lesson, i copied up my notes all neat and i finished my first piece of work. 

This year organisation is key for me this year, i think it's important to stay on top of the work I'm given before i head out properly into the big wide world. I'm determined to do well for myself and my family. 

Finally, I'll be getting back to blogging about normal life. I'll keep you updated about my academic life and my style life.


Saturday, 20 August 2016

Wishlist #1

That's right, i'm dedicating a whole post to things i will probably buy in the future, but there's a chance i won't. Like a lot of you right now i'm finding it hard to have extra money to spend on things for myself, or new homeware peices for my new flat. But that doesn't mean i ever stop filling up basket after basket on different websites with things i would love to own. Then maybe when i do have that extra bit of money, i will go back to them websites and purchase some of the things!

Beauty and skincare

1. BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette. 
 I've heard so many different people rant and rave about this product and after seing nothing but good reviews about it, i've totally been sold. The colours in the pallete and the packaging are both beautiful. 

2. Tanya Burr Martha Moo Matte Liquid Lipstick.
 Depending on the skin tone each lipstick is different. But personally i prefer the pink/brown tone that Tanya Burr's new liquid lipstick gives off. It looks like the perfect shade for summer and autumn. I'm not a big fan of the rest of her packaging but i do like the style of her lip glosses/liquid lipsticks.

3. Pixi Glow Tonic.  
This has been an item in my wishlist for over a year now, i have just never got around to actually buying it. The reviews are amazing, i haven't heard one bad thing about this product. I feel like it will give my skin more life, in the colder months i suffer from really dull skin. So hopefully this product could help me!


 1. River Island Grey Winged Tote Handbag. 
 Ever since i was a young girl i have been in love with River Island bags, to me they are the holey grail of a handbag. They are reliable, big and perfect for every day or work. The different designs are beautiful and i am in love with the one bellow. It's grey and white, with a black strap.

2.  New Look Black Leather Block Heel Ankle Boots. 
 I need a pair of sturdy and comfu black boots, which can go with jeans and dresses with tights. But they need to be slightly higher than the ankle because they rub on the back of the foot, i think these would be perfect!

There are also a lot of things i want to add to my new flat, but actually making my mind up on pieces i want to add is harder than i thought. I will keep you updated on this (possibly a future post when i've finally made up my crazy mind.)

Let me know what's on your wish list for the next few months! I might add them onto mine.

Danielle x

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New Flat Tour

Hi guys! I'm finally finding some free time to get back into blogging, which i've missed so much. Last time i said i would be giving you all some insight to my new flat, and i've finally got things pretty much the way i want them. There are a few things we still want to add but i'm happy with the way things are looking so far! Just a small warning, this post will be picture heavy so i'm sorry if that's not your thing. 

Our living room and kitchen are joined together, it came with no furniture so we bought and built everything ourselves. The TV cabinet and coffee table are matching and both from Ikea, the mirror is from The Range. I'm insanely in love with our whole flat but this room has to be my favourite. On the right hand side of the bottom picture we have a semi-balcony with beautiful opening Juliette doors. There is so much space in every cupboard which i love, to be honest we're finding it hard to fill them! 

Onto the bedroom. All of the furniture in this room so far is from Ikea, the lamps are from The Range. I love the detail on them, it made the room more brighter but cosy at the same time. All i keep on my bedside table is a book and coaster, along with my makeup wipes because i am so forgetful and by the time i'm in bed i don't want to get out. Our bedside tables are the cutest, they have small handles on them and two shelves, i store books and paperwork in mine. 

Our wardrobe is big, not big enough for both of our things but still big. One side has a mirror and two rails in, the other has shelves where i keep all the folded clothes and shoes. 

On our window ledge i keep all of my jewellery, makeup and makeup brushes. Along with one of my favourite pictures in a beautiful, quirky frames. Our bedroom window overlooks the back of a lot of gardens, it looks beautiful when the sun is out. 

This is in our hallway, it brings something special to a pretty boring space. 

We also have another small bedroom which has things such as washing and winter coats stored in at the minute, Jack's computer is also stored in there. We also have a bath, which i am so happy about. Any of you who know me will know i haven't had a bath because of Uni accommodation for the past two years.

I hope you enjoyed a look around me cosy little home! If you have any idea's of any posts you would like to see, let me know in the comments. I hope you're all having a wonderful Summer so far!

Danielle x 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Life Update #3

It's been a while. 5 months to be exact, 5 months since I've written a post and felt comfortable doing so. It's been 5 months of ups and downs, happy times and awful times. It's exactly a year since i first set up this blog, and it feels so good to be back. There isn't a specific reason i stopped writing, i just didn't feel the passion for it anymore and I didn't have the time to find it. But i have found that passion again, and i also have the time to sit down and talk about some of the things care about. I thought my first post (because its been so long) should just be about general things, what's been going on and what's to come. 

First of all, I've finally finished my second year of University. For those of you who don't know, i study Web Design and Development and it's probably been my hardest academic and personal year so far. I suffered in silence because i was the only girl in my class, which in the end basically convinced me not to turn up to classes and to struggle with the work load alone. Even though this year was tough, i am so happy i got through it and so happy to be going onto my final year in September and hopefully coming out of all of this with a degree. If i had any advice for people struggling at uni, which I've come to understand, pretty much everyone is, it would be- don't suffer alone, you're making things 10x worse for yourself and you CAN do this! 

I recently got a new part time job, it's nothing brilliant or exciting, but it's better and more welcoming than where i was. I got to the point in my old job where i hated everyone, i hated the sight of the store and i hated my whole day if i was working. It just wasn't where i was meant to be. 

But my biggest news yet is that I've recently moved in with my boyfriend! Our new home is small and perfect, in a new little area with a new beginning. So far we are loving everything about it, apart from forking out all the money to pay for rent,  the bond and furniture of course. But it's perfect so far, there have been no arguments and I'm actually looking forward to coming home every day which makes me so happy. Next week i will be posting an apartment tour, giving you insight to everything in my life! 

I'm so happy to be back, and if i ever disappear again feel free to shout at me. I hope you're all great and i want to hear what's new in your life too in the comments bellow! 

Danielle x 

Monday, 29 February 2016

February Favourites

Happy leap day!! First of all i hope you all have a lovely day and have tried lots of new and exciting things this month. I haven't really. Just the usual, new fashion, food and TV shows. But i figured i would share it all with you anyway. I'm sticking to my vow and carrying on with some monthly favourites, you can read my January Favourites here! 

  1. Simple shower gel.
    Even though we have had two months since Christmas, i was lucky enough to receive lots of Soap & Glory and other lovely smellies. Which means i am probably set in my shower until next Christmas. But these are all creams and scrubs, i have nothing for that fresh scent i need in a morning before university or work. So i decided to try the Simple shower gel after it was recommended by one of the lovely girls i live with. I've gone through 2 bottles in 2 months i love it that much. The scent is fresh and wakes me up instantly. I find some shower creams are nice but they don't make me feel clean, whereas the Simple shower gel does which i love.
  2. Juicy Water: Raspberries & Apples.
    I work every Sunday, but because it's that dead in the shop we have a lot of down time. So on my break i always go to Costa, get a hot drink, some food and one of these drinks. I'm all for different juices and this has got to be my favourite one lately. It's fresh and healthy and everything you want in a yummy drink. 
  3. White Hot Chocolate.
    Sticking on the drinks and costa route, i recently tried a white hot chocolate from there and it's as amazing as it sounds. I know how annoying it is that sometimes when you get a hot drink you have to wait half an hour for it to cool down, because this has a lot of milk in it, it's fine to drink straight away which is a perk. You get to have cherry or raspberry sauce on top of the cream and it's just a bunch of delicousness. 
  4. Lukas Graham.
    If you don't already know who this amazing guy is, he's a singer from Denmark and recently released his amazing hit 7 Years. After i heard this i spent a long train journey listening to his latest songs and i fell in love with his voice more. They're actually a band which i also love, they're new and upcoming so please check them out, share the love!
  5. Lie To Me.
    I'm a huge fan of Criminal Minds and most things crime, so when my boyfriend introduced me to this TV show i knew i would love it. It's about a group of people who work with the FBI and can tell when people are lying and every emotion on someones face. They work with the FBI to catch the bad guys and the stories are so gripping. I got through 3 seasons in around a week and a half.
  6. Shadowhunters.
    Again, sticking with the TV show Netflix kind of thing i want to talk about a new show which is a Netflix original- Shadowhunters. There is a series of books called The Mortal Instruments which i read when i was 16 and fell in love with. It was then made into a film, which wasn't that successful so they made it into a show. And i am officially hooked! I can't describe it without giving it away, so just go and check it out! Give it a couple of episodes and if you're not totally in love with it... i'm sorry.
  7. Striped tops.
    I've always been a huge fan of New Look fashion, it is basically my go to shop when i need anything. And lately i have been all for the striped jumpers and tops to pair with a skirt or jeans for that casual look. I don't know why i am just loving them. 
  8. Boyfriend jeans.
    Another piece of fashion i have introduced myself to is Boyfriend jeans. After seeing Tanya Burr's amazing jeans from Topshop i decided i wanted to get some and see if my little legs would look okay in them. The Topshop ones weren't in my price range so i purchased the New Look ones with slits and i am in love, they are so comfy and look perfect with a light jacked, striped top and belt. 
I hope you enjoyed this months favourites, again i apologise for the lack of excitement but! Let me know what your favourites were this month.