Monday, 8 February 2016

How To Have A Good Day- Taken or Single. (Valentines Day!)

Hey guys! As you all know it's Valentines Day this Sunday and i wanted to share some ideas for the day with you. Even if you're single you can still have a good day with your friends or on your own- you don't have to be sad all day! Celebrate your independence. Instead of doing a gift guide i decided to help you all in this way.

Classic dinner.
To me, there's nothing better than going out with a loved one to a restaurant and just talking the whole time. What's better than being with the person you love and enjoying some amazing food? Just make sure you book in advance!

Theatre/Cinema trip.
Last year me and my boyfriend went to the cinema and for dinner on valentines day, being the romantic couple we are we went to see American Sniper- clearly the most romantic couple ever. The cinema is just a perfect place to stuff your face, watch a comedy and laugh with your other half. Another idea i have is to go to the theatre. Boys probably won't appreciate this but i think it's a really nice day/evening out. You can make it posh and go somewhere nice before for cocktails or something. I just think the whole setting is romantic.

Ice skating.
If you're graceful and ladylike this would be a perfect idea for you and your other half. You can hold hands and do all that romantic stuff.

Netflix and chill.
It's nice to spend time with the one you love inside, being cosy. Cook a nice meal, watch a romantic film and snuggle on the sofa.

Bowling isn't my thing, but it can be hilarious. It's a fun way to laugh together and make some memories.


The atmosphere in a bar or pub is amazing if it's your first Valentines Day. Some cocktails, wine or prosecco are the perfect ways to make any situation unawkward.

Somewhere Sentimental.

Go to a place which is special to you both, have an afternoon there and talk about your memories.

Drinks with your friends.
Find a single friend, go for drinks, get drunk, eat drunk food and giggle a lot.

Beach trip.

Go to the beach with your friends, get an ice cream and make some memories with your best friends.

Netflix, a takeaway and wine.

You can be with your friends, or by yourself. It's just another day in the end, watch your favourite TV show or film, eat your favourite food and maybe some Ben & Jerry's (the only guys you can really rely on) and crack open some delicious wine.


Come on, what is better than shopping?


Make some extra money at work and pick up and extra shift, at the end of the day it's just a normal day.

I hope you all have a lovely day, no matter what you do. Let me know what your plans are!


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