Tuesday, 27 September 2016

It's Time For Third Year And Cold Weather!

It's officially Autumn! I have gone from being pretty much uncomfortable in my own skin for the past 3 months because of the heat (and my lack of summer clothing) to flaunting my comfier and more autumnal clothing. My mum recently came to visit for the weekend and i took the opportunity to buy some more appropriate clothing, fit for the colder months which are slowly approaching. My wardrobe is now full of those gorgeous brown, burnt orange and rose tones which i am loving lately. I've had my fair share of pumpkin spiced latte's, late nights with a fluffy blanket and Gilmore Girls, Halloween Lush specials and Christmas candle browsing (not to mention the Christmas gift ideas I've been having!) Lets just say I'm full of festive feels. After welcoming you all to the colder seasons it's time to get onto the next big thing in my life right now... I'm in third year!

After the struggle of actually getting to this point, I'm proud to say I'm finally in my last year at university and it's safe to say i can't wait until I'm wearing that cape and gown and education is finally behind me. If you don't already know, i study Web Design and Development and it hasn't been the easiest road. This year will no doubt be the hardest year of my education, why wouldn't it be? 

This year is going to either make or break me, and i feel like I'm more than prepared this year. I'm settled in my new job as a receptionist at a gym, I'm settled in my new flat and I'm happy with life now. I had my first lesson, i copied up my notes all neat and i finished my first piece of work. 

This year organisation is key for me this year, i think it's important to stay on top of the work I'm given before i head out properly into the big wide world. I'm determined to do well for myself and my family. 

Finally, I'll be getting back to blogging about normal life. I'll keep you updated about my academic life and my style life.


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