Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New Flat Tour

Hi guys! I'm finally finding some free time to get back into blogging, which i've missed so much. Last time i said i would be giving you all some insight to my new flat, and i've finally got things pretty much the way i want them. There are a few things we still want to add but i'm happy with the way things are looking so far! Just a small warning, this post will be picture heavy so i'm sorry if that's not your thing. 

Our living room and kitchen are joined together, it came with no furniture so we bought and built everything ourselves. The TV cabinet and coffee table are matching and both from Ikea, the mirror is from The Range. I'm insanely in love with our whole flat but this room has to be my favourite. On the right hand side of the bottom picture we have a semi-balcony with beautiful opening Juliette doors. There is so much space in every cupboard which i love, to be honest we're finding it hard to fill them! 

Onto the bedroom. All of the furniture in this room so far is from Ikea, the lamps are from The Range. I love the detail on them, it made the room more brighter but cosy at the same time. All i keep on my bedside table is a book and coaster, along with my makeup wipes because i am so forgetful and by the time i'm in bed i don't want to get out. Our bedside tables are the cutest, they have small handles on them and two shelves, i store books and paperwork in mine. 

Our wardrobe is big, not big enough for both of our things but still big. One side has a mirror and two rails in, the other has shelves where i keep all the folded clothes and shoes. 

On our window ledge i keep all of my jewellery, makeup and makeup brushes. Along with one of my favourite pictures in a beautiful, quirky frames. Our bedroom window overlooks the back of a lot of gardens, it looks beautiful when the sun is out. 

This is in our hallway, it brings something special to a pretty boring space. 

We also have another small bedroom which has things such as washing and winter coats stored in at the minute, Jack's computer is also stored in there. We also have a bath, which i am so happy about. Any of you who know me will know i haven't had a bath because of Uni accommodation for the past two years.

I hope you enjoyed a look around me cosy little home! If you have any idea's of any posts you would like to see, let me know in the comments. I hope you're all having a wonderful Summer so far!

Danielle x 

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